Video tutorials to help you get started

Creating a new sourcing event
Signing Up
Creating the Event and Event Settings
Creating questionnaires
Creating Lots
Creating advanced Lots
Uploading documents
Crediting an Event & our Pricing
Creating a quick RFQ
Inviting Participants

Managing a Current Event

Managing Participants
Making Edits
Managing and scoring questionnaires
Managing documents
Using the Message Board
Managing RFQ or Qualification Bids
Progressing an RFQ to an Auction
Managing an e-Auction
Japanese eAuction
Managing an event with advanced lots


Dashboard, Admin and User Profile
Managing your organisation with User Hierarchy
Creating a Portal


Working in the sandpit
60 Seconds Sourcing
Introducing the Lot Matrix

Process Guides

Accepting an Invitation
Managing invitations
Dashboard and Profile

Progressing through an event

Navigating a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
Navigating a normal questionnaire
Uploading a bid
Completing an RFQ
Placing bids in an advanced lot
Using the Document tab
Using the Message Board
Taking part in a Ranked e-Auction
Bidding in a Japanese e-Auction
Using a Bid Template