•   Use Innovation Dojo to collaborate with  

     your supply chain to revamp your business  


Innovation dojo allows you to retain the human component with your suppliers and develop even stronger relationships, helping you both make improvements to the way you do business.

Improve relationships through collaboration

Engage with your suppliers, employees and customers to bring you closer together.

Encourage innovation in your business

Embeds best practice giving you traceability, control and confidence in your innovation strategy.

Assess & prioritise your ideas

A consistent central repository for all idea collection and management.


Clear pricing

Innovation Dojo costs £3000 per annum for managing your innovation process in an open and auditable way.

Easy to adopt

Submitting ideas is a piece of cake, making it very difficult for participants to come up with a reason why not to share ideas!


Involve multiple stakeholders to give them an efficient and auditable way to support your innovation process.

What PHS say?

"Following a comprehensive review of the systems available, we decided to move forward with Market Dojo based on their philosophy and development approach surrounding their existing product base. Market Dojo are very innovative and flexible and have provided us with an excellent level of support; We are excited to be working with Market Dojo on this new on-boarding product"

Tony Ritchings
Procurement Director, PHS

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