•   Market Dojo has quickly become a key tool  

      for BOSCH's procurement activities.  

Why choose Market Dojo?

On Demand

Use our software on a pay per use basis for as little as £500. Enhance your results with minimal cost and very little extra effort.

Easy to use

Suppliers don't need training to use our tool. Free up your time to focus on your bids with our truly intuitive software.


Clone or quickly create tenders, easily obtain pricing whilst centralising your data in an auditable system with great reporting.

Maintain competitive pricing

Create eRFQ's in minutes

Clone previous eSourcing activities or create from new and upload supplier lists via Excel. Using our easy to build questionnaires and our advanced lotting capability, eRFI's, eRFP's,or eRFQ's can all be created in no time at all.

Easily obtain pricing all in one esourcing tool

Supplier can easily register and enter their answers and pricing. You can track their progress, analyse their replies and store all your data for your eSourcing activities in one place.

What BOSCH say?

"Market Dojo has quickly become a key tool for our procurement activities. Our business is based on supplying quality products at competitive prices. Market Dojo allows us to do this in a highly efficient and transparent manner."

Martin Bredebusch,
Buyer SCM,
Bosch Automotive

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