Guarantee supplier compliance

Supplier onboarding is the backbone to effective supplier management. Developed in collaboration with a leading facilities management company, SIM dojo helps organisations avoid challenges that happen as a result of poor supplier governance by storing relevant supplier information in one place and creating approved supplier lists.

Through SIM dojo our clients are able to manage critical supplier responsibilities, such as renewing insurance policies and ensuring the validity of industry-specific certifications.

We differentiate ourselves by creating a multi-tenanted, self-service SIM application at an affordable price that integrates into our eSourcing tool to create a seamless flow of supplier information. This kind of solution does not currently exist in the market today.

Centrally manage supplier information

Multiple stakeholder evaluations and a user-specific Actions list reduce any bottlenecks in approving your suppliers.

Tailor workflow for supplier approval

Supplier-specific questionnaires with dynamic questions optimise the onboarding process for you and your suppliers.

Maintain compliant supplier lists

Automatic expiry alerts, real-time dashboards and a full audit trail to mitigate the risk of non-compliance.