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Supplier Onboarding

Discover the different steps of the supplier onboarding process by clicking the different aspects

  • icon Invited
  • icon Supplier Portal
  • 1Onboarding Questionnaire
  • 2Multi-Evaluation
  • 3Flexible Approval
  • 4Rejection
  • 5Approved
  • 6Document Expiry & Tracking
  • 1Preliminary Questionnaire
  • 2Onboarding Questionnaire
  • 3Multi-Evaluation
  • 4Flexible Approval
  • 5Rejection
  • 6Approved
  • 7Document Expiry & Tracking


SIM Dojo can increase the efficiency and visibility of your supplier onboarding process. Ensuring that users are saving time and creating an audit trail of supplier data that acts as an insurance policy against non-conformance. Our software has been proven to save users time that they had previously spent chasing data from suppliers and reduced the onboarding process for suppliers from weeks to days.


  • White-labelling your own portal – Brand your own portal and domain with your company logo
  • Define your workflow – Design multiple questionnaires on different categories using dynamic questions. Questions can be set with both scoring and weighting. Approve into groups.
  • Multiple Question Types – Including table, dynamic and document upload etc
  • Multi-scoring functionality – Assign multiple scorers/groups to review and score different sections
  • Automatic Reminders – Track and set notifications for expiring documents or questionnaires
  • Edit user Hierarchy – Decide which users/ groups can view/edit events
  • Simple supplier invitation – Invite suppliers via email and choose which questionnaires they answer
  • Supplier Portal – Mechanism for suppliers to show their interest
  • Enhanced dashboard – Capable of monitoring suppliers through the process
  • Version control – Tracking updated documents, questionnaire changes and locking down responses


  • Lack of centralised information & clear audit trail:- Centralise information into a single tool with full traceability
  • Keeping track of suppliers during onboarding:- Expiry alerts and real-time dashboards to enable automatic follow up emails and live reporting
  • Maintaining compliance in a rapidly changing landscape over a large number of suppliers:- Easily maintain compliance in areas from insurance documentation to the Modern Slavery legislation
  • Understanding bottlenecks in process:- Improved process monitoring and reminders