How online reverse auctions can help you

Are you facing pressure to reduce costs ?

Companies are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and to find the RIGHT price for their goods and services.

  • Economic pressure – The recession has forced all companies to become more streamlined.
  • Global competition – Your competitors are using these new techniques to reduce their cost base.
  • Increase profits – Reducing costs by 1% could increase your profits by 10%.
  • Optimisation – Company directives for year-on-year cost down and supplier rationalisation.
Why should I use a reverse auction ?

A reverse auction is a tool to be used at the right place and time.

  • Opportunity – You are running a tender where you have good specifications and liquidity.
  • Negotiate – You have the quotes already but you want to negotiate the best offer.
  • Increasing your options – e-Auctions generate price compression which opens up your options.
  • Efficiency – You can negotiate with many suppliers in just a number of minutes.
Why shouldn't I use a reverse auction ?

There are a few common objections to using reverse auctions.

  • Price focused – True, but this is not an issue if the specifications are correct.
  • Hurts relationships – They can actually strengthen these due to their open approach.
  • Confidence – Our professional software & support will guide you to success.
  • Cost and time – Our software is designed for efficiency and is the most competitive on the market.
Why should I use market dojo ?

Our online secure e-Auction software is designed for you to use and achieve success.

  • Comprehensive – Our software is packed with all the features required for B2B e-Auctions (different event types and options, document tracking, inbuilt messaging and many more…).
  • Professional support – We offer live chat, e-mail and phone support as standard..
  • Return on Investment – Proven to increase results by 18% over traditional approaches.
  • Market comparison – No other e-Auction software on the market offers the same value.

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