Webinar Notice The Real Obstacle To Digital Transformation: Finding An Alternative To Spreadsheets And Email - 13th November 2019

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[Case Study]: Nice House of Plastics

Nice House of Plastics are a manufacturer of household and industrial plastic Items, providing the East African Region.   The company produces a wide range of products, suppor...more

Market Dojo Conference 2019 Summary

Last month marked Market Dojo’s third annual conference, bringing together clients and prospects alike for a day of industry insights and socialising. The event was once again he...more

Talent not spreadsheets will bridge the gap between...

This blog has been written by Market Dojo's CEO Alun Rafique, ahead of our upcoming webinar The real obstacle to digital transformation:  Finding an alternative to spreadsheets an...more

Like training wheels on a bicycle, it is...

This blog has been written for Market Dojo by Procurement Insights' Jon Hansen, ahead of our upcoming webinar The real obstacle to digital transformation:  Finding an alternative ...more

New release – September 2019

In this months development updates, the team have been working hard on a number of new features for users of Market and SIM Dojo. Here are the latest updates to our software: ...more

MD Conference 2019 – ‘Evolution vs Revolution: Adopting...

The Market Dojo Conference is only 15 days away!  On Thursday 17th October, Market Dojo will be welcoming a wealth of procurement professionals to the Cotswolds, for our annual...more

Lights Camera Action! The Dojo Takeover!

Team Dojo are delighted to announce we will be appearing in a few very exciting projects over the next couple of months. As well as continuing to develop our website, software a...more

Team Dojo Demo new tools and new materials...

This weeks eWorld convention marked Market Dojo’s 8th consecutive year in attendance and our first since the release our Contract Management solution, Contract Dojo! Our team ...more

Market Dojo Product Brochure

We love what we do. We care about procurement and helping customers achieve results quickly. We have felt that for too long procurement professionals have had to deal with complex ...more


We are pleased to welcome our new Social Media Marketing Executive Amelia to Team Dojo. Amelia is the 5th member of the Marketing team and 3rd to join the revolution since 2019 as ...more


Team Dojo have made plenty of eSourcing heroes over the years, but we can now boast a real life hero in our ranks! As an active member of the RNLI, Bernd will be turning his attent...more

New release – August 2019

Here is what the Market Dojo development team have been working on recently… Reordering Documents To ensure that suppliers are able to quickly access important documents, w...more

Ed Sheeran signed guitar to be auctioned through...

A guitar signed by International recording artist Ed Sheeran, is set to be ‘eAuctioned’ by a Glasgow based social enterprise on the evening of August 26th. ‘12 Guitars’ who...more

5 reasons to automate your onboarding process

Although many organisations are now taking advantage of online tools to automate their supplier onboarding process, there are still a vast number using a combination of forms and e...more

Remarkable Dojo

I recently watched a TED talk by author and former dot com business executive, Seth Godin. He was explaining how some ideas and products spread at a much quicker rate than others, ...more

Our Growth

The following blog has been written by Market Dojo's Customer Support Specialist, Chris Barrett. Chris reflects on the past 9 months that he has been with the business and gives a ...more

Ryan joins Market Dojo as Webmaster

Market Dojo is pleased to have welcomed our latest recruit Ryan, who has joined us within the role of Webmaster. What made you apply to work at Market Dojo? I was actually he...more

The truth of algorithms and why you should...

Firstly, what is Big Data? Big data is data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing applications and typically refers to analysing and...more

Simple supplier tactics to help you win your...

During our webinar on Wednesday 24th July, we discussed how participants can use simple tactics and strategies to ensure that they increase their effectiveness when taking part in ...more

Francesco joins Market Dojo as Front End Developer...

Market Dojo is pleased to have welcomed our latest recruit Francesco, who has joined us within the role of Front End Developer and Designer. What made you apply to work at Marke...more

New release – July 2019

Here is what the Market Dojo development team have been working on recently… Hyperlinking Documents In many cases you may want to include a document within the event brief,...more

Watch our Webinar: “Supplier Tactics For Winning Your...

On Wednesday 24th July, Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique hosted our latest webinar, this time with a little twist. This webinar discussed Supplier Tactics for Winning a Reverse ...more

Webinar Slide Deck: “Supplier Tactics For Winning Your...

On Wednesday 24th July, Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique and Marketing Manager, Craig Knowles be hosted our latest webinar, this time with a little twist. This webinar discusses...more

Why do we buy what we buy? An...

Loosely expanding on the theme of buying, in our upcoming webinar 'Supplier tactics for winning your next reverse auction', this article tracks the progressive concept of 'selling ...more

Webinar Slide Deck: “Beyond The Bolt”

Procurement Insights' Jon Hansen is joined by a guest panel to review and assess the framework for the specific step-by-step methodology or process for making the transition from a...more

Webinar: “Supplier Tactics for winning your next Reverse...

If you're a supplier looking to get a heads up on the competition, you've come to the right place. On Wednesday 24th July, at 1:30pm BST, Market Dojo will be hosting our latest ...more

Webinar Slide Deck: “Is it time you questioned...

Check out our "Is it time you questioned eAuctions?" Webinar hosted by Market Dojo co-founders Alun Rafique and Nick Drewe. The hosts tackle two of the major challenges facing proc...more

Webinar Slide Deck: “Evolution before Transformation”

Procurement Insights' Jon Hansen is joined by a guest panel to review and assess the framework for the specific step-by-step methodology or process for making the transition from a...more

Webinar Slide Deck: “Discover Contract Management”

On Tuesday 18th June, Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique and Senior Business Development Manager, Lewis Barnard, hosted our webinar focussing on Market Dojo's new Contract Managem...more

Webinar Slide Deck: “Is it time you questioned...

On Tuesday 2nd July, Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique and Customer Success Manager, El Towers hosted our second webinar in the "Is it time you questioned..." series, this time d...more

Watch our Webinar: “Is it time you questioned...

On Tuesday 2nd July, Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique and Customer Success Manager, El Towers hosted our second webinar in the "Is it time you questioned..." series, this time d...more

[Case Study]: Ground Control

Ground Control is one of the UK’s leading landscaping and external solution providers, offering services such as Ground Maintenance, Arboriculture & Vegetation Management, La...more

Market Dojo solidify ‘Customer Leader’ status

In our previous blog, we showed how Spend Matters (SM) compared Market Dojo to a number of competitors within the world of eSourcing, via their Q1 Solutions Map for 2019. As Q2 ...more

New release – June 2019

Here is what the Market Dojo development team have been working on recently… Contract Dojo was Released! We finished the first release of Contract Dojo, our new contract ma...more

The top 5 things end users want from...

If you haven't heard Market Dojo’s new Contract Management solution, Contract Dojo, was released earlier this month. Being able to offer a centralised repository is hugely exc...more

Knowledge Note: Evolution before Transformation

Following our highly popular and successful "Evolution Before Transformation" webinar, our host Jon Hansen has put together the below Knowledge Note outlining the key findings from...more

Market Dojo Podcast – 1.2 – Peter Smith,...

Global Trade Wars, Gender Pay Gaps, Brexit and Sex Lairs... Peter Smith and Market Dojo Co-Founders Alun Rafique and Nick Drewe discuss the latest procurement news, draw compari...more

Watch our Webinar: “Discover Contract Management”

On Tuesday 18th June, Market Dojo co-founder Alun Rafique and Senior Business Development Manager, Lewis Barnard, hosted our webinar focussing on Market Dojo's new Contract Managem...more

Procurement transformation, are you serious?

With continuous change at the forefront of many companies, this question bodes the route of many concerns, options and opportunities. Procurement transformation is regularly di...more

Should all suppliers be given the same information?

Procurement as a function has evolved over the years, transforming itself from an aspect of strategic purchasing, into a value-adding activity that’s integral to the running of a...more

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Contract Management will never be...

Our eagerly anticipated Contract Management solution is now available! After months of development, we at Market Dojo are delighted to officially announce the launch of our latest...more

Is the Procurement Industry utilising one of its...

It's always an interesting concept running a market analysis survey. As a software provider, we need to know how many of our target market are currently using a product similar ...more

Webinar – “Discover Contract Management with Market Dojo”

On Tuesday 18th June, Market Dojo will be hosting our latest webinar with the focus this time, on our upcoming Contract Management tool, ‘Contract Dojo’. Our Senior Business...more

New release – May 2019

As we enter June and find ourselves firmly within the British Summer period, our MD Development team would love to report that they have been working hard, creating a plan to bring...more

Watch our Webinar: “Evolution before Transformation”

Procurement Insights' Jon Hansen is joined by a guest panel to review and assess the framework for the specific step-by-step methodology or process for making the transition from a...more

[CaseStudy]: Metroline

Metroline’s principal business is the provision of bus services, providing London, one of the world’s busiest cities, with a fleet of 1,200 buses carrying 250 million passe...more

Are we speaking your language?

The world is growing more interconnected, and supply chains are getting more complex. Apple’s 2019 list of top suppliers covers companies from the United States, Japan, China, Ko...more


Evolution Before Transformation: How Procurement Will Best Leverage Digital On-Demand To Achieve Real Change - This is the latest collaborative webinar between Market Dojo and Proc...more

You Want Procurement Success? Put the Horse Back...

The following Blog was written by Colom Colbert, guest panellist in the May 21st Market Dojo webinar; Evolution Before Transformation: How Procurement Will Best Leverage Digital On...more

Market Dojo Podcast – 1.1 – Peter Smith...

Welcome to Market Dojo's first podcast, hosted by Peter Smith. Peter Smith and Market Dojo CoFounder Alun Rafique discuss procurement news, review "A Licence to Play" a new proc...more

Market Dojo announce New Partnership with Vallterra Internacional

At Market Dojo we are excited to announce our new partnership with Vallterra Internacional, a Procurement Consultancy based in Barcelona, Spain. Vallterra International is a yo...more

Digitizing Procurement: Not Everyone Takes The Same Road...

The following Blog was written by Andre Le Lerre, guest panellist in the May 21st Market Dojo webinar; Evolution Before Transformation: How Procurement Will Best Leverage Digital O...more

Will eSourcing work for my category?

  If I was to single out the most frequent question, or more specifically, objection, I am asked by procurement professionals when discussing the idea of moving to an eSour...more

Watch our Webinar: “Is it time you questioned...

Check out our "Is it time you questioned eAuctions?" Webinar hosted by Market Dojo co-founders Alun Rafique and Nick Drewe. The hosts tackle two of the major challenges facing proc...more

Worried about convincing your suppliers to participate in...

What if my suppliers won't participate? And what if my supplier doesn’t want to go to auction? These are a couple of questions that I have been asked on several occasions a...more

How Market Dojo could help save the world….

  I think we can all agree that Bill Gates is a top bloke. Aside from being one of the most influential people in our lifetime, he’s done what a lot more people in h...more

A quick guide to running your first event

  So you’ve done the difficult bit – you’ve agreed the requirement with your stakeholders, you’ve added your questionnaire(s) and/or lots into the system and you’...more

Addressing those eAuction pain points…

In our past Webinar “Is it time you questioned eAuctions?” two of our Market Dojo’s coowners, Alun Rafique and Nick Drewe, directly addressed some of the pain points that tho...more

Creating an Event Brief

When creating an event it is important to include as much information as possible in your brief. Your event brief will be sent to suppliers as part of the invitation email, so this...more

New Release – April 2019

Our development team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring users of our software some useful new features. Here are some of the newest features for you to check out: ...more

Market Dojo a market leader amongst customers

  Market Dojo’s reputation as a firm customer leader was clear to see in Spend Matters latest solutions map, for the first quarter of 2019. Within the category of Nimb...more

Welcome to Market Dojo’s first Product Manager

It's been a year of lots of firsts already for Market Dojo and following this theme is the announcement of our first Product Manager, Ben. Amazingly however, he's not our first Bus...more


Market Dojo have found themselves alongside the likes of Uber and Mastercard, in Spend Matters 50 Procurement Providers to Watch for 2019. The Spend Matters 50 Providers to ...more

eAuctions: A deal too good to be true?

Perhaps you have run an eAuction and one participant has undercut the field, leaving you wondering how sustainable that price is likely to be? Or maybe you are a participant who is...more

Going Small And Smart Is The Key To...

The following Blog was written by Jon Hansen, Host for the May 21st Market Dojo webinar; Evolution Before Transformation: How Procurement Will Best Leverage Digital On-Demand To Ac...more

‘Bonjour’ from Market Dojo’s new French international page!

We at Market Dojo are pleased to introduce to our French users our new meta website and features, mais maintenant en français! www.marketdojo.com/fr With the recent arrivals...more

[Case Study]: Savers

Intro The Savers® family of stores is a for-profit, global thrift retailer offering great quality, gently used clothing, accessories and household goods. Its Rethink Reuse® busi...more


Following last year's meeting with local MP David Drewe,  Market Dojo were pleased to welcome Siobhan Baillie to West End Suites offices on the back of her recent triumph, being s...more

“What type of eAuction is right for me?”

The capabilities of eAuctions are far from foreign to the majority of procurement professionals, with tools such as Market Dojo saving users 16% on average, why are they still ...more

“Is it time you questioned eAuctions?”

On Tuesday 30th April, Market Dojo cofounder’s Alun Rafique and Nick Drewe will be tackling two of the major challenges facing procurement professionals considering eSourcing sol...more

Help Dojo has arrived!

Our customer support just got even better with the introduction of our latest support platform, ‘Help Dojo’. Help Dojo is an interactive help portal which helps to guide use...more

Cheltenham Festival & eSourcing – The hidden parallel

Last week saw the Annual Cheltenham Festival take place at Prestbury Park, I am sure many of you like myself, afforded yourself a small flutter on the nags. This year’s festival ...more

New Release – March 2019

Here is what the Market Dojo development team have been working on recently… Sideways scoring of questionnaires You can now score your questionnaires ‘sideways’! Well, that...more

What makes great customer support?

Here at Market Dojo we pride ourselves on the support we give to each one of our customers. We value every customer we have and want them to feel important to us. We always look to...more

Market Dojo exhibit new features at eWorld 2019

  The Market Dojo team were again thrilled this month to be part of the latest eWorld convention, at the events sparkling new home, the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in Lon...more

Welcome to Graham Lawson, our new Strategic Partner...

Dwight Yorke, Leroy Sane, Sadio Mane and even Lionel Messi are some of the most high profile football players to wear the number 19 shirt. Market Dojo's new and 19th member, Graham...more

Market Dojo’s Marketing Team grows by one

During this continued period of exponential growth for Market Dojo, we are pleased to have welcomed our latest recruit Callum, who has joined us as a Content Marketing Executive. ...more

Knowledge Note: Digital Surprise: How Recent Market Dojo...

This guest blog comes from our Beyond the Bolt Webinar host, Jon Hansen. As the Editor and lead writer for the Procurement Insights Blog, Jon Hansen has written nearly 3,000 articl...more

[Case Study]: Interserve

Interserve Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies. They are a leader in innovative and sustainable outcomes for their clients an...more

Our New and Improved Procurement Resources Hub

The marketing team at Market Dojo have been working hard over the past months in order to improve our Resources page. As the central hub for all of the business' communication, we ...more

Market Dojo has recruited a new International Business...

Karina Smith-Reyes has recently joined Market Dojo as an International Business Development Manager with a primary focus on branching into Spanish speaking regions. What made y...more

Get rewarded for using Market Dojo like a...

  We at Market Dojo have recently launched a new reward scheme for users of our Market Dojo tools. Our team have rattled their brains and would like to welcome to you, our...more

The Ultimate Category Guides to Running Tenders

For our next time saving trick, Market Dojo would like to welcome you to our new Category Hub.  The purpose of the category hub is to provide Category Guides for tenders and offe...more

Join Us at eWorld with Consultancy Partner Novo-K

Join the Market Dojo team at eWorld Procurement & Supply on 5th March 2019, at the event’s new location, De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London. "Since 2001, eWorld Proc...more

[Guest Blog]: Novo-K – Is it true? Are...

This guest blog has been written by Kavita Cooper, Managing Director for our newly announced procurement consultancy partner, Novo-K. Novo-K provides cost-effective procurement su...more

Introducing Sol Lemoigne, Market Dojo’s new International Business...

Sol Lemoigne joins Market Dojo as the company's latest International Business Development Manager helping Marcin and Karina to broaden our reach further into Europe and across the ...more

Watch our Webinar: “Beyond The Bolt”

Check out our Beyond the Bolt Webinar from 8th February 2019, hosted by Jon Hansen from Procurement Insights and Market Dojo CEO Alun Rafique, with guest panellists Tim Cummins fro...more

Using Market Dojo for: Brazilian Auctions

The way Market Dojo has been built means that the tool is incredibly easy to use, it has been said time and time again that the main reason people have committed to using the platf...more

Discovering the Dojo – Sophie Hamoir

I am currently following a master in Business Administration at the La Rochelle Business School (France), and I was looking for an internship in the UK, starting in January. In Fra...more

New release – February 2019

It is already February! This month we have been working on some great User Experience improvements, details below. Automatically score more questions We now allow dynamic que...more

Using Systems Failures To Improve Our Service

In this post, one of our DevOps specialists explains a recent incident which occurred on our production systems, and how we used it to improve our service. How do we encounter s...more

Buying Habits: Why We Shouldn’t Boycott Palm Oil…

The Story Towards the end of last year, there was widespread uproar around the banning of Iceland’s tear-jerking advert which featured the cute ‘Rang-Tan’ cartoon character ...more


MEET OUR EXPERT GUEST PANELLIST With the 8th February "Beyond The Bolt" Webinar, we are seeking to do more than provide you with timely information on how the digital age will...more

Market Dojo in 2018 – Our Journey

2018 was a fantastic year for Market Dojo, with many new customers, a vast increase in our staff numbers and more users in our system than ever before. We have put together the bel...more


MEET OUR EXPERT GUEST PANELLIST With the 8th February "Beyond The Bolt" Webinar, we are seeking to do more than provide you with timely information on how the digital age will...more

Brexit ferry firm Seaborne – Haven’t got a...

  On Saturday the 29th December, news broke out in the UK that the government had awarded more than £102.9 million worth of contracts in case of a ‘No-deal’ Brexit to ...more

Introducing Market Dojo’s newest Business Development Manager, Eve

We have recently added yet another member of staff to our Business Development team. Eve Eyres has joined Market Dojo as our newest Business Development Manager. As with all new me...more

New release – January 2019

Happy New Year! We have been hard at work during December and have a bumper crop of new improvements to Market Dojo. Improved security administration Our ‘Host Permissions...more

[Guest Blog]: Coming of age – Angus Craig

Angus Craig FCIPS is an interim procurement consultant who helps organisations improve procurement and supply chain performance. This often involves leading transformation prog...more

Welcome Sophie, Market Dojo’s new intern

Our latest French intern has this week joined the Market Dojo team for a six week internship. Sophie will be primarily working alongside the Marketing Department throughout her tim...more

Jack Durnin joins Market Dojo as our Business...

We have recently added yet another member of staff to our Business Development team. Jack Durnin has joined Market Dojo as our BDE, or Business Development Executive. As with all n...more

Say ‘Hello’ to Luke, our newest BDM recruit!

This week we welcomed Luke Sherratt to Market Dojo. He joins the business as a new Business Development Manager. We wanted to learn more about our newest recruit, his past experien...more

What is an SRM?

This guest blog is written by Howard Price. Howard is a Procurement, Supply Chain and Cost Transformation Consulting. To be able to understand the importance of an SRM, I’m goi...more

New release – November 2018

It’s not quite Christmas yet, but the development team have been working on some early presents... Calendar view of events We have added a calendar view so that you can see, at...more

Join us at EIC Connect Oil & Gas...

Market Dojo will be attending the EIC Connect Oil & Gas Conference on the 27th & 28th of November 2018, making our presence felt amongst some of the biggest key decision ma...more

10 Tips How to survive and make the...

This year, the Web Summit took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 4th - 7th November 2018. If you have never attended a Web Summit, there are a few things you might want to know to make...more

Transformational bidding – Part 3 – Multiple Totals

Welcome to part 3 of our series on transformational bidding, a powerful and effective method for capturing complex pricing models within Market Dojo. This blog is going to look ...more

Beyond The Bolt: How Cloud-Based Solutions Have Transformed...

Sign up to our upcoming webinar here. “Back in 2008 Oracle’s Larry Ellison said that “we have redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do.”  Dis...more

Staging Success: Achieving Supply Chain Success In The...

Sign up to our upcoming webinar here. Jon Hansen, editor for the Procurement Insights blog has written the following article alongside Market Dojo. Jon has written nearly 3...more

Proqura Partners with Market Dojo

Market Dojo are delighted to announce a new partnership with Proqura to promote our innovative, pay-as-you-go procurement tools across New Zealand. Headquartered in Auckland, ...more

Welcome Market Dojo’s New Customer Success Manager –...

At Market Dojo we are pleased to announce the business' newest Customer Success Manager, El Towers who has recently joined our team. We asked El a few questions to get to know her ...more

Market Dojo’s first Customer Support Specialist, Chris Barrett,...

As the Market Dojo team grows, so does our need for a more permanent customer support specialist. It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that Chris Barrett has join...more

Opportunity Analysis, Supplier Onboarding and Tottenham Hotspur’s Football...

Opportunity Analysis, Supplier Onboarding and how this relates to the Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium Saga… Daniel Levy is renowned for being one of the shrewdest Chairmen ...more

Onboard with SIM Dojo – Part II

Following on from 'Onboard with SIM Dojo - Part I' introducing the latest product in the Dojo suite, we'd like to show you some of the features of Market Dojo's new onboarding tool...more

Onboard with SIM Dojo – Part I

"Following a comprehensive review of the systems available, we decided to move forward with Market Dojo based on their philosophy and development approach surrounding their exist...more

New release – October 2018

Here is the latest instalment of our regular release update series... New support widget We have added a new support widget to Market Dojo.   The widget appears i...more

Transformational bidding – Part 2 – Handling Rebates...

Welcome to our second part on our new transformational bidding developments. These features allow you to create advanced pricing lot structures with a variety of new dimensions. S...more

How can you keep on top of procurement...

Trying to work efficiently and effectively towards a long-term goal is a common challenge for procurement professionals. Procurement is often seen as a function that has to deliver...more

8 Things to Consider if You’re Running a...

Carrying out telemarketing internally has many challenges in terms of management, systems, and the general tempo compared to the rest of the office. Many people who enter this role...more

Transformational bidding – Part 1 – Using percentages...

Introduction This is the first blog in a series discussing how transformational bidding can be used to negotiate complex tenders more effectively. It’s not just about the price...more

A plastic-free future lies in the hands of...

What is the problem with single-use plastics? We are hearing about the huge environmental impact that plastics are having on our planet, more specifically our oceans and wildlife,...more

eWorld October 2018

Market Dojo made the bi-annual pilgrimage to eWorld earlier this week, excited at the prospect of meeting some new faces as well as networking with many long-term acquaintances and...more

Salons Solutions 2018

On 24th - 26th September, Market Dojo participated in the popular Salons-Solution exhibition in Paris for the second time. Our team arrived in Paris following an epic journey vi...more

Local MP visits growing businesses in the Cotswolds

David Drew, Member of Parliament for Stroud visited local businesses within his constituency. Having been an integral part of the Stroud community for the last 35 years. David is r...more

Guest Blog: Is a training agreement actually a...

This week's guest blog comes from Procurement Punk, an anonymous industry influencer who shares his thoughts via Twitter. Modern slavery example: A sign of modern slavery, for ex...more

New Release – September 2018

Here is the latest instalment of our regular release update series... Transformation bidding - multiple calculations Advanced Lots now support multiple calculation rows and colu...more

A New Team Member for Market Dojo: Marcin...

Market Dojo are very excited to introduce Marcin Caban, the business' latest team member! Working in the Business Development department, Marcin joins the team with over 20 years ...more

Is the Coca-Cola Company’s £3.9bn acquisition of Whitbread’s...

Since the purchase of Costa by Whitbread in 1995 for just £19m, Costa had just 39 outlets and has since grown to be the UK’s largest coffee chain with 2,400 UK Coffee Shops, 1,4...more

Reverse Auctions – getting into the specifics Part...

Part 2 In part one of this two-part series, I discussed the three different types of Auction available with Market Dojo; Ranked, Open and Japanese. You can familiarise yourself ...more

[Guest Blog] The Power is with Business: Reverse...

We are pleased to welcome a guest post by Andrew Lister from Beam Energy Labs, a platform helping businesses assess and procure solar and batteries. You may have missed the...more

Reverse Auctions – getting into the specifics Part...

Part 1 My last blog included some useful tips on how to get started with running reverse auctions within your organisation. As Customer Success Manager, I wanted to write this t...more

You don’t have Big Data…

...And you don't need AI At Market Dojo, we’ve seen around 25,000 auctions. We’ve seen 7000 RFQs, and received nearly 50,000 questionnaire answers, with around £10B total sou...more

[Case Study] Eiffage Kier

The Market Dojo team spoke with Chris Read, Senior Supply Chain Manager at Eiffage Kier JV to find out how the business has been using the Market Dojo tool. The Eiffage Kier joi...more

New release – August 2018

Over the past few weeks, the Market Dojo development team have not been sunning themselves on the beach. They have been hard at work, cooking up fantastic new improvements to our s...more

A Study into the Barriers of Adopting Reverse...

We have discussed previously how, to the procurement industry, Reverse Auctions are seen in a similar vein to Marmite. Some individuals love them, use them on an almost daily basis...more

Market Dojo’s 8th Birthday!

This year on the 2nd August we were delighted to complete our 8th year in business.  Given our tenuous Japanese association, it’s reassuring to know that the number 8 is ...more

Meet Adam Collins, Market Dojo’s newest Business Development...

This week we welcomed Adam Collins to the Market Dojo team. Adam joins the business as our Business Development Manager. We wanted to learn more about our newest recruit, his previ...more

So, you don’t want to mandate eSourcing…?

In my last blog on this subject (one of many!) I proposed that mandating eSourcing, even though it is a dirty word in many organisations, would bring about unrivalled benefits in t...more

Something other than the Football…BREXIT

This edition of our Blog is written by Richard Ainley who currently works at Manchester Airports Group as their e-Commerce and Performance Spend Manager. He has previously held sen...more

All things silly and wonderful – proof you...

My name is Jon Pole award winning reverse auctioneer at eSourcing company Market Dojo. In this brief blog I wanted to outline some of the things that have been sourced through our ...more

New release – June 2018

Summer is here and so is a new release of Market Dojo. Quick Quotes Sandpit The Market Dojo Sandpit has been around for several years, and is a great way to try the software be...more

What can the England football team learn from...

With the excitement of the World Cup building, I wanted to give the England football boys some advice to help them along their way in Russia. So what can England learn from proc...more

Price Increases – Is Brexit really to blame?

In the UK especially, it seems that the prices of food and household goods are always on the increase. No matter how often you see those price slashes and discount signs, every yea...more

What do Procurement and Love Island have in...

When I was thinking of a subject to write about for my latest blog article, I thought it would be a great opportunity to write about something on topic and which encompassed two of...more

Introducing Market Dojo’s newest member

Introducing Market Dojo's newest team member, Toby Pedder. Toby joins the Marketing department as our new Marketing Executive having previously worked within the marketing departme...more

Market Dojo Annual Procurement Conference Presentations 18

We hosted our annual procurement conference at Englefield House on Thursday 17th May. It was a great day and for those that missed it, we’ve included some of our key highlights f...more

Top discussion on Procurious

After 9 months here at Market Dojo, my time as a Marketing Assistant to this exciting budding company has come to an end. A newbie to procurement, I joined Procurious, an online co...more

Our Annual Event 2018

Last year we had our first ever Market Dojo event, after a very successful day and excellent feedback it would have been wrong if we did not make this an annual tradition. We saved...more

Market Dojo ♥ GDPR

Yet another article about GDPR I received my first email about GDPR on 17th May 2016. Since then I have sent or received a total of 211 emails on the subject and read a similar nu...more

New Release – April 2018

Once again the development team have done sterling work to bring a new version of Market Dojo into the world. This months release features a number of timesaving improvements to bo...more

eWorld March 2017 – My First Tradeshow Experience

My name is Henry and I’m the business development Executive here at Market Dojo. Part of my role is to help the company exhibit at eWorld, which is a conference based on suppl...more

Has Market Dojo struck gold with BOMfire?

The BOMfire story gets it first review by Spend Matters BOMfire is a new platform to help manufacturing companies source their raw materials more efficiently and help save money...more

Market Dojo recognised as the eSourcing value leader...

Spend Matters have released their 2018 SolutionMap helping procurement professionals keep on top of the latest technology developments and trends within Procurement Technology Solu...more

Police in Procurement

I recently found procurement data for England and Wales police force online and thought it would be fun to see what it contained. Market Dojo have been thinking about reporting rec...more

Ooh la la, aren’t we De La Rueful!

It’s hard to avoid the political quagmire that is the Home Office decision to source the new UK Passport from French firm Gemalto, ahead of the UK’s De La Rue. There are...more

Join us at our Annual Procurement Conference on...

Last year, we hosted our first big conference with a fantastic turnout of 100+ procurement professionals from brands such as Next, McCarthy & Stone and Travis Perkins in our So...more

Find out more about Quick Quotes

Check out our latest infographic on our lighter version of Market Dojo - Quick Quotes. Create rapid RFQ's eliminating the need for email and centralise all the information for all ...more

Quick Quotes Case Study with Will Bridgman, Warren...

Our latest product development launched last month called Quick Quotes has already had a great response by one our first license holders. Managing Director of Warren Services, Wil...more

Quick Quotes Infographic

Discover our Quick Quotes Infographic that discusses the benefits and features of our Quick Quotes functionality....more

Bomfire is released in Beta – Try it...

“Purchase raw materials efficiently, at the market price“ What is the platforms main objective? BOMfire is a new manufacturing marketplace, providing buyers a secure, t...more

Thank you for coming to our Manchester Roadshow!

Our first Market Dojo roadshow of 2018 had a fantastic kick off at Hotel Football in Manchester this week. It was great to see some new faces as well as existing clients and provid...more

Data-Driven eProcurement

Quite often, especially with new clients who haven’t made use of reverse auctions in their purchasing before, we’re asked to give assistance on the setup of a few initial event...more

Market Dojo eSourcing event guide

Step by step guide on how to create an eSourcing event in Market Dojo. Includes information on registering, creating an event, questionnaire's and using lots to capture pricing inf...more

Analysing messages sent during an eSourcing event

Introduction Our customers have run thousands of events on Market Dojo. One important benefit of using an eSourcing tool is that it allows you to centralise communication with you...more

New Release – March 2018

Spring is on the way, although it is still cold and snowy in the UK today. However, the product team have been hard at work once again to deliver some great new enhancements to Mar...more

Are eAuctions strengths also their greatest weaknesses?

This article was inspired by our previous article "Are eAuctions Benefits also their Achilles Heel?" but focuses on why the outcome of an auction can/can't be detrimental to a supp...more

The University of Westminster CIP’s event

On Wednesday we were delighted to host the CIPS Central London branch event and give Market Dojo the opportunity to assess the region’s online negotiation skills! The event ...more

Meet Our Customer Success Manager, Lewis Barnard

As of January this year, I started a new role as the Customer Success Manager at Market Dojo. This is a new role for the company, yet one that is becoming more common within SaaS o...more

The KFC crisis – What could they have...

As many of you may have heard we are facing a global disaster, the likes of which we may never have seen. The only logical comparison that comes to mind would be ‘the great depre...more

How can school’s procure better?

Earlier this year, hundreds of schools across England were forcibly closed due to a teachers strike, in a long-running dispute with the government over “underfunding”. Many ...more

How can eSourcing learn from social media ?

For years social medias has continued to develop. From the creation of Facebook over 12 years ago, allowing individuals to represent themselves on a single page. The evolution of T...more

CIP’s Event eAuction Game

Market Dojo has had strong links with The University Of West England since our beginning and we have been privileged to be able to share our expertise through our talks and present...more

Email – what is it good for?

Since the mid-1990’s, email has been the communication tool of choice for Business to Business interaction. It is estimated that there are over 4.6 billion email accounts worldwi...more

BYE BYE France

After 8 hours travelling on a boat, I finally put the wheels of my car on British soil. My first reaction was, why did they not drive on the right side of the road like everybody e...more

The Trials and Tribulations of a Software-as-a-Service Company

Market Dojo provides an eSourcing solution based entirely in the cloud. And whilst we boast about all the benefits of being a SaaS company, such as pay per use pricing and delivery...more

Maximising Your eAuction Strategies

This guide is based upon the many thousands of eAuctions run on our software, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help you create your next eAuction. Discover the different types ...more

Beginners Guide to Reverse Auctions

Discover our Beginners Guide to Reverse Auctions that discusses exactly what you need to know about reverse auctions....more

Quick Quotes – The Basics

Introducing our new product Quick Quotes. Very simply, Quick Quotes is a ‘quotation portal’ that can be used by anyone, just as easily as email.  It’s metaphorically flown o...more

Take a look at the new members of...

Meet Angie Counsell our Marketing Assitant, Jon Pole our Bussiness Development Manager and Sophia Binns our Business Generation Manager. Angie Counsell (Left), Jon Pol...more

Market Dojo Interview with Founding Owners of the...

Our latest blog post introduces the founders of an exciting new venture for procurement news - A Trending in Procurement app. Co-Founder Leslie McBride reached out to us here at...more

Sign Up for our next Roadshow in 2018!

Don't miss your chance to sign up for our next roadshow in 2018. Just click on this link here to our registration form. Last years event was a huge success, the day consisted of...more

Efekto Pro use Market Dojo to make tremendous...

Vlado Prosenik is the founder of Efekto Pro. Efekto Pro are a procurement consultancy that specialises in purchasing and cost optimisation. How did you first get into eSourcing...more


Watch our tutorials guides that go through the process as a participant. Our videos help you through the process of accepting and managing event invitations to the dashboard and...more


Keen to try before you buy? Market Dojo offers a free sandpit to try out all the functionality and practice of running an event without commitment. Learn how to navigate yourself a...more


Watch our tutorial videos that discuss everything you need to create a new sourcing event. From inviting participants to creating questionnaires, these video tutorials guide you st...more


Our Business Case aims to provide you with all of the information on how our current and previous clients have used our tools. We have business cases for each one of our products a...more

eSourcing should be mandated

When a salesperson starts to work within a company, it is generally accepted they would use a CRM system. Is it mandated? Perhaps not specifically but it is expected and it is need...more

Market Dojo – Building an ecosystem

Market Dojo’s latest release brings the ability to share data seamlessly with other solutions via what is known as an API. The first integration has been achieved with Per...more

The Development of Spend Data Analysis

Eddie McGeachie offered to write a guest blog for Market Dojo. Eddie is the co-founder of Seaforth Analytical Services. They are data analytics specialists providing spend analy...more

Barriers to Adopting Reverse Auctions

Market Dojo recently conducted a study into the barriers of adopting reverse auctions. This research featured results from a range of different procurement professionals and coveri...more

Market Dojo announce Quick Quotes

Market Dojo is currently in the process of developing a "Quick Quotes" tool that will enable users to run efficient RFxs at a highly reduced cost that has very little barriers to a...more


We recently encountered an article on Linkedin by Rémy de Lavergne, a highly experienced procurement professional with a specialism in Logistics. Rémy had clearly put some though...more

Modern Slavery – It’s time to Act

In June, I attended the CIPS Gloucester branch event on Modern Slavery, which was presented by the hugely enlightening Andrew Wallis, OBE & CEO of Unseen. Unseen is a charity w...more

5 Top Tips to no longer fear Reverse...

This article is to help you overcome what seems to be a very scary concept to organisations - the reverse auction. To many procurement people, or perhaps your stakeholders, the mer...more

Misconception of Categories

There's often a misconception within procurement and eAuctioning that success with using eSourcing solutions relies heavily on the type of categories. Typically, categories such as...more

Meet Sophia Binns!

Introducing one of the new members to the Market Dojo Family Sophia Binns. We asked our newest addition a couple of questions to find out what makes her tick. What made you appl...more

Learning Excel through Football

Market Dojo have put together a learning spreadsheet to help procurement professionals gain a better understanding of excel. This spreadsheet uses premier league, international and...more

Three Compelling Reasons to use a Japanese Auction...

Peter Schmidt offered to write a guest blog for Market Dojo on his past experience with eAuctions. Peter has a long track record in, sales, consultancy and procurement. He special...more

Market Dojo hires Scottish royalty

Market Dojo is excited to introduce you to our newest member of team Dojo - Jon Pole. Coming all the way from South Africa he’ll be stepping into our business development manager...more

Cloud Services Part 2: Postpartum

It's been a while since I wrote my last post, though not all that long since it appeared here. In that time we've made a great deal of progress, fought some unexpected dragons, an...more

Procurement Summit Presentation – 15th November 2016

From our joint presentation with Odesma Consultancy at Procurement Summit 2016 entitled, "The Secret to How Aggreko Transformed into Procurement Pioneers"....more

Procurement Summit Presentation – 17th November 2015

From our presentation at Procurement Summit 2015 entitled, "Strategies to maximise your eAuction returns"....more

Odesma Presentation – 20th June 2017

From our presentation at Procurement Summit 2015 entitled, "Strategies to maximise your eAuction returns"....more

eWorld Presentation – 24th Sept 2014

From our customer's seminar, Creative Education, at eWorld September 2014. The presentation was entitled, "Innovative eSourcing & Social Media in the Education Sector" and was ...more

eWorld Presentation – 4th March 2014

From our Innovation Briefing seminar at eWorld 2014 entitled, "From identifying opportunities to realised savings" in conjunction with our client and partner, eQuiddity....more

Join us for our next Market Dojo Conference...

Make sure to register for our next Roadshow on 17th May in 2018. Just click here to complete the registration form. Last years event was a huge success thanks to a number of gue...more

Tail Spend by Greg Tennyson

This is the second guest article by Greg Tennyson, CPO at VSP Global, discussing the importance of managing your Tail Spend. Pareto This Tail Spend Tail Spend generally foll...more

Thank you for attending our Roadshow this December!...

Last week we had a triumph of a day, running an eAuction masterclass at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens with lots of familiar faces of current clients filling our venue! The da...more

Top tips to forecast your savings

As a procurement team, you're expected to deliver savings. Hence one of your key activities at the beginning of the financial year is to forecast how much you shall achieve. This i...more

Nick Ford – Odesma

Procurement Transformation. Nick ford, Executive Director at Odesma discussed his experiences and thoughts on using eSourcing to create real value and transform procurement practi...more

Richard Bell – Steps 4 Consulting

Bed of Nails & Robot. Richard Bell, former Procurement Director of Averda discussed how he implemented procurement solutions around the world and the impact of Robotic Process...more

Rob Lees – ISS Ministry of Defence

People and Process Success in Government. Rob Lees, Commercial Director of ISS Ministry of Defence presented on creating success through implementing practical processes and people...more

Robert Copeland – G4S

Resetting the supplier & buyer dynamic. Robert Copeland, Procurement Director of G4S in the UK & Ireland presented on the subject of re-evaluating supplier and buyer relat...more

Simon Boggis – ACI Solutions

Establishing an eSourcing Centre of Excellence. Simon Boggis, the former CPO of Ceva Logistics discusses his experience in transforming a decentralised procurement team to deliver ...more

Terri Hudson – Baker Wanless

Baker's ingredients lists for a successful eAuctions. Terri Hudson, Managing Director of Baker Wanless Ltd discusses the different ways to make a successful eSourcing event and the...more

Quick Quotes Business Case

Business case providing information on the features of using Market Dojo for Quick Quotes and the benefits of using the tool in place of emails for RFXs...more

eSourcing Business Case

Business case providing information on the features of using Market Dojo for eSourcing projects and the benefits of using the full capability of the tool...more

SIM Dojo Business Case

Business case providing information on the features and benefits of SIM Dojo for supplier onboarding...more

Category Dojo Business Case

Business case providing information on the features and benefits of Category Dojo for category spend assessment and analysis...more

Iain McKenna – Sourcing Solved

The Human Condition. Iain McKenna, Managing Director of Sourcing Solved discussed how you can attract the best procurement talent to complement your technology and ensure that the...more

Keith Moore – Fairnet Commercial Services

eSourcing is the best way to buy energy! Keith Moore, Owner of Fairnet Commercial Services presented on how he advises on using eSourcing solutions to deliver the best value for b...more

Dashboard and Profile

Your Dashboard allows you to decide which Events you wish to take part in and which you may wish to decline. Once you have registered, every time you log in you will end up on the ...more

Managing invitations

Once registered, you can access the Manage Invitations area. If you are following an invitation you will automatically be taken to the Manage Invitations screen. If you have an inv...more

Introducing the Lot Matrix

Overview of the advanced lot feature including a demonstration of the structure of an advanced lot event and how you can upload lot templates to the event....more

60 Seconds Sourcing

Watch our demonstration of how you can create a sourcing event in less than 60 seconds through the Market Dojo tool....more

Bidding in a Japanese eAuction

This tutorial shows you how to bid in a Japanese auction. In a Japanese auction, you do not see your position, but you will need to either accept or decline the 'current bid' for e...more

Placing bids in an advanced lot

This tutorial explains how you place bids in an advanced lot. It shows how to place bids during a qualification bid process and RFQ directly into the system or via excel. It also s...more

Completing an RFQ

This tutorial explains how to complete a Request for Quotation, understanding the difference of bidding on multiple lots and rejecting lots....more

Navigating a normal questionnaire

Upon a successful completion of a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, you may progress to the next step, which could be a normal questionnaire in the form of a survey of a Request for...more

Navigating a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Upon a successful invitation and acceptance to an Event, you will be able to work your way through the various areas within it. The first hurdle could be a pre-Qualification Questi...more

Managing an event with advanced lots

After several years of development, the Lot Matrix was released letting you create an event with advanced lots. What this looks like and how you manage it is shown in this video....more

Japanese eAuction

Discover how to manage a Japanese Auction as host. A Japanese Auction is where the bid level decreases over time in intervals and suppliers choose whether to bid or decline at that...more

Managing an eAuction

The final activity to any e-Sourcing event might well be the mystical e-Auction. We hope to de-mystify this process and show you that it really is quite simple, once you have done ...more

Progressing an RFQ to an Auction

After an RFQ has completed, you have the ability to progress to an auction. This tutorial covers how to do this....more

Managing RFQ or Qualification Bids

An important part of any sourcing event is receiving the bids from the market. This video talks you through this important step. You will either have a tab for RFQ bids, if you are...more

Inviting Participants

This video is the final step in the event creation phase. Within the tutorial, we detail the various ways in which you can invite participants to the event....more

Managing Documents

The Documents section of an event will contain not just the documentation you made available to your participants, but also the documentation that they may have made available to y...more

New Release – November 2017

Our regular system improvements have taken place again, and this month we have looked at Document Sharing. Ability to attach documents only for a specific supplier Documents ar...more

Alun Rafique – Market Dojo

Creating real value from eSourcing Alun Rafique, Co-founder of Market Dojo introduces the inaugural event and discuss the topic of creating real value from eSourcing....more

Graham Woodison – Challenge25

Using Different Ways of Working to Achieve 25% Savings Graham Woodison, former Senior Purchasing Manager at Specsavers and founder of Challenge25 presented his specialism in impro...more


This guide provides the explanation of the various terminologies that you may come across during your time with Market Dojo or any other online negotiation software, for example "H...more

Andomise Breakfast Event – 30th May 2012

The three presentations given by Andomise, Market Dojo and Coupa are combined in this pdf. They provided a breakfast briefing to provide some thoughtful insight into the trends and...more

Aberdeen Group Research – Advanced Sourcing 2012

This presentation highlights early findings from Aberdeen Groups research into Expanding Sourcing Success in the Global Economy....more

E-Auctions Software: A Case Study of a Niche...

This is a paper written by Dr Peter James from Bristol Business School at UWE Bristol for the 2012 IPSERA conference. Similar papers can be found at www.ipsera.com....more

CIPS Presentation – e-Auctions in Industry

This presentation was given at UWE on the 19th April 2011. It focused on using e-Auctions to reduce your procurement cycle on costs as well as best practice....more

I-Source – Adoption of e-Sourcing tools

The I-SOURCE report. This is a summary of academic research into the adoption of e-Sourcing tools / techniques within the UK procurement community....more

i-Adapt report- A suppliers perspective on e-Auctions

The I-Adapt report. It is an independent assessment into the development of auctions as a purchasing tool. This study ultimately determines the impact of Online Auctions on the buy...more

How To Pick Your Category

This guide is written to help you right from the beginning when all you may have in front of you is 12 months worth of data and the objective to find the market prices on the vario...more

Category Evaluation Questionnaire

To be used in conjunction with the above document, this is the matrix of questions that any organisation should be interrogating each spend category with in order to prioritise eac...more

Category Examples

For certain categories there is a tried and tested "best practice" approach to maximising the returns. This guide highlights some of the more common categories that are negotiated ...more

Logistics Delivery Profile Template

As part of our continued effort to provide useful category-specific templates, please use this template as an example approach to capturing and outlining specific road transport de...more

New Release – October 2017

Autumn is definitely here, and we have been busy improving Market Dojo. This month we have released two features that our customers have requested. We have also made a whole bunch ...more

CPO’s first 100 days by Erik Van Kampen

Market Dojo continues its search into transforming procurement teams in the CPO’s first 100 days. This time our guest contributor is Erik Van Kampen. Erik is an experienced and ...more

My First eWorld – September 2017

Six months and here we are again, eWorld September 2017. I am sure that for the rest of the team at Market Dojo it felt like a bout of Deja Vu having gone for the past 6 years ...more

Part 2 – The CPO’s first hundred days…

Market Dojo continues its search into transforming procurement teams in the CPO’s first 100 days. Dr Paul Joesbury has experience as a CPO at a number of organisations including ...more

Part 1 – The CPO’s first hundred days….

Market Dojo continues its search into transforming procurement teams in the CPO’s first 100 days. Dr Paul Joesbury has experience as a CPO at a number of organisations including ...more

One to One with the newest member of...

Market Dojo is pleased to announce the latest member of Team Dojo. Angie will be joining us as part of our growing marketing team, she glided through the Market Dojo interview p...more

[New Release] – August 2017

Over the past few years we’ve discovered that eSourcing has evolved into becoming a team effort. Whether it is the stakeholder who needs to sign off on RFI requirements or the co...more

Market Dojo in Seventh Heaven

What do Market Dojo and these photos of celebrities have in common? Extra prizes if you can all guess who they are - we’ll tell you at the end. The answer is that they ar...more

The Leaky Bucket of Business

If you ask most honest companies they will probably tell you that organisations value revenue growth and sales departments more than savings and the procurement/purchasing. Procure...more

Kraljic Matrix for Evaluation of e-Auction Opportunities

Andrey Matveev offered to write a guest blog for Market Dojo. Andrey has pioneered fully-managed eAuctions in Russian retail. Andrey’s expertise comes from both sides of the neg...more

Market Dojo Release New Host Tutorials

Market Dojo has recently created a range of guides, research and tutorials that will assist hosts and participants to get the most out of the Market Dojo tool. The col...more

CPO's First 100 Days

Inspired by Donald Trump's first 100 days in office, Market Dojo are investigating what the first 100 days of a successful CPO would look like. Grey Tennyson, Chief Procurement Of...more

CPO’s First 100 Days

Inspired by Donald Trump's first 100 days in office, Market Dojo are investigating what the first 100 days of a successful CPO would look like. Grey Tennyson, Chief Procurement Of...more

The Journey of a Film Student at Market...

Hi, I'm Harry. I've just wrapped up my second year of study at the University of Gloucestershire and have been in search of bright new opportunities in the film industry. This is m...more

Behind the scenes at Market Dojo

Hi, I'm Ed, And this is my Market Dojo experience. Firstly, I had no idea about the company apart from my own research. In my research, I kept on seeing words which were unfamilia...more

Suppliers Perspective on Market Dojo

One of the crucial elements of any Reverse eAuction platform is its usability for suppliers. Often overlooked in favour of hosts (typically the paying client for eSourcing solution...more

New Release – May 2017

This month we have done a number of smaller releases. Here are the latest features and enhancements added to the software as requested by customers. Participant activity tra...more

The Future of Spend Analysis

Eddie McGeachie offered to write a guest blog for Market Dojo. Eddie is the co-founder of Seaforth Analytical Services. They are data analytics specialists providing spend analy...more

10 Things You Can Do With Big Data...

Eddie McGeachie offered to write a guest blog for Market Dojo. Eddie is the co-founder of Seaforth Analytical Services. They are data analytics specialists providing spend analys...more

The Development of Spend Data Analysis

Eddie McGeachie offered to write a guest blog for Market Dojo. Eddie is the co-founder of Seaforth Analytical Services. They are data analytics specialists providing spend analy...more

New Release – April 2017

After our responsive design update a couple of weeks ago, we had a chance to go back and collect up a number of smaller changes that have been waiting in the wings. Here are the ...more

Responsive Design for Market Dojo

Market Dojo has now rolled out the responsive design for our flagship product, Market Dojo. This is designed to be optimised visually across all computer, smartphone and small tab...more

Five minutes with award-winning consultancy Odesma

Before our inaugural Market Dojo Event on Thursday 6th April 2017, we caught up with presenter Nick Ford. Nick is an Executive Director of Odesma and has over 28 years experie...more

[Guest Blog] Lessons learned from my experience using...

Jon Brinsmead has been buying goods and services for clients for over 20 years,  working with the likes of Unilever and Transport for London whilst providing training in commerci...more

Five minutes with Executive Search specialist Iain Mckenna

We caught up with presenter Iain McKenna, before the 2017 Market Dojo Event.  Iain is the Managing Director of Sourcing Solved and presented “The Human Condition: Finding The...more

Learn to be frugal by eSourcing like Google!

We recently ran a survey to explore the barriers to eAuctions to truly understand why not all procurement professionals out there with 3 bids on the table instinctively progress to...more

[Guest Blog] Teaching deal making with Market Dojo

Jon Brinsmead has been buying goods and services for clients for over 20 years including Ahold Delhaize, Unilever and Transport for London. Over the same period of time, Jon has b...more

Join our inaugural procurement event, Thursday 6th April

Market Dojo is hosting its inaugural procurement event on Thursday, 6th April. The event will offer procurement professionals the opportunity to network and learn from the experts....more

Redefining BIG for Outcome-based Procurement

Kelly Barner, Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point explains the ever-evolving role of procurement, how it has redefined the value of supplier relations and what it means to...more

Cloud Services, or How We Learned To Stop...

As Market Dojo expands, as all good startups hopefully do, they have begun to need some additional technical staff on hand to support, expand and maintain the eponymous software ...more

[Case Study] Aggreko create ‘Freight eMarketplace’ using the...

Chad Thibodeaux is the Central Logistics Manager for Aggreko North America-Americas. His duties involve the strategic sourcing for Aggreko’s transportation needs When did ...more

Analysing EU public spending data

Having recently researched thoroughly into OJEU (Official Journal of the European Community) and TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), I discovered the TED dataset for 2015 spend data. ...more

Travelogue of a frenchxit

Antoine Le Bras, French intern who has joined Market Dojo for 8 weeks shares his feelings and his analysis of his first days in our beautiful country. It only took an hour ...more

Why choose a Procurement Consultancy to help your...

Ed Cross, Executive Director of leading procurement consultancy Odesmashares his thoughts on why companies should be choosing procurement consultancies to help their business. ...more

Simplify, enhance and economise – Legal eProcurement

In a recent article featured in the January 2017 edition of The Oath. Khaled Shivji, Head of Legal at Aggreko explains how he has used Market Dojo to successfully appoint a l...more

Spend Matters – The A-Z of Reverse Auctions

We are delighted to have our recent article on the A-Z of Reverse Auctions published on Spend Management blog, Spend Matters. The article highlights our A-Z complication...more

Stop saying auctions are too price focused

'Auctions are too price focused’ is something I hear pretty much every day as part of my role as the outbound marketing executive here at Market Dojo. For me, it’s the equival...more

Why spend prioritisation tools are a new CPOs...

Procurement people like to move around, and it’s not uncommon for a department to get a new CPO every 2-3 years. A new CPO has a large task ahead of them. Usually, their goal is ...more

Santa suffering from a supply chain crisis!

Christmas can be stressful at the best of times, and this year has been somewhat worse than others for Santa Claus, having experienced some major issues in his supply chain. The la...more

[New Release] The biggest, brightest and best of...

It has been a little while since we released updates to Market Dojo, but that doesn’t mean the engineering team have been resting. In fact, they have been very busy working on ne...more

A Northerner’s Northern Narrative – Procurement Summit 2016

From Scarborough to Cheltenham to London, the Market Dojo team travelled from opposite ends of the UK to attend Manchester's Procurement Summit. Here’s Peter’s story of the exc...more

The Newest Member of Team Dojo

Market Dojo are very excited to introduce the latest member of Team Dojo! Working on the Business Development side, Henry, from Cirencester, breezed through the Market Dojo interv...more

What is the best day to hold an...

Our ancestors have been travelling to markets to buy and sell since the start of civilisation - literally, that is, civilisation can pretty much be traced back to the time we start...more

Why you should budget for an eSourcing solution

Yes, it's that time of the year again, John Lewis have released their masterful Christmas advert (as usual), the Coca-Cola truck is on its way and we begin the final countdown towa...more

Bring About Change – Vote Market Dojo

Brexit, Trump, how did this happen?  The unexpectedness of it all caught everyone by surprise.  All the polls were wrong.  If we could put this down to a singular reason?  The ...more

Recognition at the 2016 Contract Management Innovation Awards.

Contract Management partner ContractsWise Ltd, narrowly missed out on the top spot at the IACCM’s recent Americas Conference in San Diego. The International Association fo...more

5 ways leading CPO’s are looking to embrace...

Deloitte recently published their Global CPO Survey, where over 300 leading procurement professionals from 33 countries were questioned on key issues. The full report can be found...more

[Case Study] Efekto Pro use Market Dojo to...

Vlado Prosenik is the founder of Efekto Pro. Efekto Pro are a procurement consultancy that specialises in purchasing and cost optimisation. How did you first get into eSo...more

10 Contract Management Questions That You Need To...

Market Dojo is pleased to welcome a guest post from Noel Green. Noel is the Founder of ContractsWise, the innovative cloud-based contract management and administrative softwar...more

[New Release] Answering for your participants and quick...

We have added some new features to Market Dojo, based on feedback from our users. We believe these will make our products more useful and our customers more productive. Answ...more

[Guest Blog] Bruno Alvarez – Some thoughts on...

Bruno Alvarez is regarded in Latin America and the Americas as one of the Leading Contracting and Procurement Experts in the region. Bruno’s background comes from the Energy and...more

eWorld Sept 2016 – A Brave New World

This years eWorld Procurement and Supply Summit was a first time for three members of our team. All of us armed with the prior experience of tradeshows but were surprised by the ...more

Supply Management Awards 2016 – congrats to Odesma!

It is with a fuzzy head that I am writing this blog to commemorate the fantastic evening that we enjoyed at the Supply Management Awards courtesy of our consultancy partner Odes...more

[Guest Blog] The Importance of Perspective on Consultants...

Today we are pleased to welcome a guest post from Terri Hudson. Terri is the Managing Director of Baker Wanless. They are a UK based procurement consultancy who have been shortli...more

Market Dojo is more responsive than ever!

For those who haven’t already seen it, over the weekend we launched our revamped website with the latest responsive design to fit all screen sizes and devices. A bit late to the ...more

[Guest Blog] How Consultants Provide Value – Part...

Today we are pleased to welcome a guest post from Terri Hudson. Terri is the Managing Director of Baker Wanless. They are a UK based procurement consultancy who have been shortlis...more

[Guest Blog] Five Takeaways from 20 years in...

Bruno Alvarez is regarded in Latin America and the Americas as one of the Leading Contracting and Procurement Experts in the region. Bruno’s background comes from the Energy and ...more

[Guest Blog] How Consultants Provide Value – Part...

Today we are pleased to welcome a guest post from Terri Hudson. Terri is the Managing Director of Baker Wanless. They are a UK based procurement consultancy who have been shortlist...more

[Guest Blog] What does Lean Procurement mean for...

Tony Lockwood is a published author, lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance business coach and senior consultant who works with Executive teams to orchestrate the development an...more

[Case Study] Kent County Council generate a 40%...

Katherine Clark is a Procurement Officer at Kent County Council. Her duties involve the strategic sourcing for the information technology needs of one of the largest county council...more

3 ways eSourcing could benefit the Olympics

The Olympics, that time once every four years you become heavily emotionally invested in sports that you forgot had existed, or do not understand the rules, or in our office, embro...more

The Dojo 6 years later….

August 2nd marks an important date in the Market Dojo calendar, as each year on this day our firm becomes one year older. This year we have now successfully reached our 6th year in...more

[Guest Blog] How to find top procurement talent

We are pleased to welcome a guest post by Adam Maidment from Portfolio Procurement, a market-leading procurement recruitment specialist. Discussing the unique challenges to recruit...more

[Guest Blog] eAuction in the cloud is heaven

Peter Schmidt's latest article discusses the generic benefits of SAAS and what eAuctions in the cloud means to businesses. 'Software as a Service', commonly abbreviated to SAAS, ...more

“We’ve always done it this way”

One obstacle that many businesses face is changing the mindset of those that have a “We’ve always done it this way” (It even has an acronym! WHADITW) mentality. As an eSourc...more

[New Release] Making Market Dojo more productive

Our development team have been working hard to bring you the latest improvements to Market Dojo. This month, we have focused on productivity issues which our customers have told us...more

‘A Good Chef Should Taste Their Own Food’...

“That was the thing about the world: it wasn't that things were harder than you thought they were going to be, it was that they were hard in ways that you didn't expect.” ...more

Why Are School's Bad At Procurement?

Recently hundreds of schools across England were forcibly closed due to a teachers strike on Tuesday, in a long-running dispute with the government over “underfunding”. Many sc...more

Are Japanese auctions a lazy mans tool and...

A Japanese Reverse Auction is an auction type that requires all suppliers to bid at a continuously decreasing price (the value of which is set by the buyer/host). The bidders may c...more

Sourcing New Recruits for Team Dojo

Market Dojo are very excited to introduce the latest members of Team Dojo. Helping out on the Business Development side, Peter and Lewis, both Cheltenham based, passed the Market ...more

Stick or twist? The EU gamble

With the EU referendum taking place tonight, should procurement professionals expect a regulation reshuffle? There are arguments both for and against Brexit, but will there be a...more

[Guest Blog] One Man’s Experience with eAuctions

Peter Schmidt writes a guest blog for Market Dojo on his past experience with eAuctions. Peter has a long track record in, sales, consultancy and procurement. He specialises in Tel...more

[NEW RELEASE] Here’s what our developers have been...

One of the many beauties of providing SaaS technology is that our clients don’t need to spend time mass updating their systems and reinstalling the latest release of our software...more

Latest Recruit for Team Dojo

Market Dojo are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest member of Team Dojo. Working as part of the marketing team Craig adds his buzzing personality to the mix.We asked Crai...more

What Procurement can Learn from Sport

Whilst putting together our article ‘Are Procurement Professionals stuck in the Stone Age?’, which looks at B2B technology in comparison with B2C, myself and Ed got on to the t...more

[Case Study] Specsavers: ‘Should’ve gone to Market Dojo!’

Jasper Raby is an interim procurement pro, currently based at Specsavers. With his wealth of experience in Procurement and sourcing, Jasper was brought in to Specsavers at the poin...more

How we do Customer Support…

We love our customers. We want to make sure they are happy with the service we provide to them. This means customer support is VERY important to us. So, how do we do it? Track ever...more

[NEW RELEASE] Buenos dias from Market Dojo!

Mid-week saw us release a couple more enhancements to the software, as well as many more general improvements to meet our growing customer demand. However two main highlights stood...more

Prepare to Pitch for New Business

We have been fortunate enough to be involved with a webinar produced by the Star Commercial Academy. As we have been in procurement, sales, and selling procurement solutions, w...more

6 Important Life Lessons You Need to Learn

Alun, one of the founders of Market Dojo's intuitive eSourcing platform, shares his experience of his recent stint as a mentor and some of the knowledge and lessons he has learnt t...more

A Portal to Increase Your Supplier Base

Market Dojo is very excited to release the latest update to its new supplier on-boarding tool - SIM Dojo. This feature means that it’s now possible to open up your portal to a wi...more

[Radio Interview] Jon Hansen and Market Dojo on...

We recently had the great pleasure of taking part in a radio interview with Jon Hansen of Procurement Insights in one of a series of interviews as a follow up to Market Dojo being ...more

Market Dojo predict tighter supply chain constraints for...

For the second year in a row Market Dojo has entered Procurious’ Big Idea Summit. This year, our big idea is that companies are going to pay more attention to compliance withi...more

[NEW RELEASE] Improved Public Events

We have improved the Market Dojo eSourcing platform to make publishing and responding to tenders easier. For some time, we have had the ability for our customers to publish thei...more

[NEW RELEASE] Improved document uploads

Last weekend we released the latest batch of improvements to Market Dojo. The most notable of these is improved support for document uploads. We made this change in response to ...more

[NEW RELEASE] Introducing the New Analytics Dashboard for...

Users of Market Dojo may have noticed an extra tab located on their dashboard named ‘analytics’. This section is one of the latest features to be added to Market Dojo and gives...more

The 3 Stages of Face-to-Face Negotiation

In many cases where a reverse auction can be used, we recommend that you (the buyer) reserve what is known as buyer's choice. This means that, although the outcome of the auction i...more

How to Save €1500 in 37 Minutes on...

This is a guest post by Vlado Prosenik from Efekto Pro. Efekto Pro are our consultancy partner in Slovenia.  They help customers make purchases more efficiently. A few months ...more

Are Procurement Professionals Stuck in the Stone Age?...

Market Dojo and Odesma partner to combine their intuitive eSourcing softwareand expertise in offering business advisory services to offer clients a winning procurement solution....more

Go global with our multi-currency update

The technical team have been extremely busy of late, upgrading and maintaining our 4 distinct products covering category planning, innovation, eSourcing and supplier informati...more

Market Dojo’s Thoughts From eWorld

With the first eWorld of 2016 having been and gone, it's time to reflect on the day and think about what we took away. A huge thank you to the team for organising the eWorld eve...more

How NOT to do Graphic Design

In preparation for this year’s events and tradeshows (the first being eWorld on 2nd March. Delegates can register here), the Market Dojo team got involved in a spot of design to ...more

Are Procurement Professionals Stuck in the Stone Age?...

Market Dojo and Odesma partner to combine their intuitive eSourcing software and expertise in offering business advisory services to offer clients a winning procurement solution. T...more

5 Reasons Why You’d be a Fool to...

The eWorld Procurement and Supply summit is one of our personal favourites in the events calendar. At Market Dojo, we’ve been showcasing our on-demand eSourcing tools there ...more

Onboard with SIM Dojo – Part I

“Following a comprehensive review of the systems available, we decided to move forward with Market Dojo based on their philosophy and development approach surrounding their exist...more

Why You Shouldn’t Use Reverse Auctions

Reverse auctions are a bit like Marmite, some people love them, boasting the success they’ve seen to friends and colleagues, utilising them when and where they can. Some people h...more

Modern Slavery Act 2015 – implications for procurement...

This article is a short analysis of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. For further information, I have included some useful links at the bottom of the post. Background Last year, the...more

What Star Wars Taught Procurement

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Star Wars was born. And with the exciting news that Star Wars Episode 9 will feature the use unseen footage of the late, great Ca...more

The Trials and Tribulations of a Software-as-a-Service Company

Market Dojo provides an eSourcing solution based entirely in the cloud. And whilst we boast all the benefits of being a Saas company, such as pay per use pricing and delivery, in...more

The eSourcing eVolution Part II – The Present

This is part two (read part one here) of a three piece blog providing an in-depth analysis of the evolution of eSourcing around the question: "What would Market Dojo be like today...more

Teaching the new breed of eSourcing heroes!

Over the last week we fulfilled our invitations to host lectures for several business schools, specifically those of Bristol and Greenwich. We've always enjoyed presenting o...more

Procurement Summit 2015 – a gold medal conference

Having made the three hour trip to (not so sunny) Manchester the night before, we awoke from our hotel and made our way to the Procurement Summit conference which was held at the M...more

How to Create a Sourcing Event Using Market...

If you’re new to eSourcing and unsure of where to start with creating an event, this article from Tony Verheggen should help clear things up. As the Sourcing Process Owner at Air...more

How Top eSourcing Professionals Develop Lots

To help you get the most savings from your eAuctions, one of our partners, Dave Henshall, has written an article providing all the information you need to create an effective lotti...more

The eSourcing eVolution Part III – The Future

This is the final part (read part 2 here) of a three piece blog providing an in-depth analysis of the evolution of eSourcing around the question: "What would Market Dojo be like t...more

Odesma and Market Dojo Win New Global Client

At the beginning of the year, we announced our partnership with Odesma. Odesma is a new breed of advisory business who help drive business performance through a combination of expe...more

eWorld 30 – Cake, Quizzes and Competitions

Arriving at QEII in London for eWorld Procurement and Supply Summit, armed with a plethora of marketing materials, we set up our stand by the entrance next to the lovely Baker Wan...more

Market Dojo: The Past, The Present and The...

"What would Market Dojo be like today if it had started 10 years earlier?" That was the question posed by Jon Hansen of Procurement Insights one fine day in April. Having o...more

CIPS 2015 – Procurement, Biscuits and Emotional Inteligence

The Market Dojo team arrived at the Grange Tower hotel for the annual CIPS conference just in time for registration and the keynote speech from Dr John Glen of the Cranfield School...more

All for one, innovation for none

Another public procurement price analysis article has made national headlines this week, found here on BBC News. The Home Office conducted a study into police procurement tren...more

Market Dojo and UNIC ONE partner to strengthen...

We are delighted to announce our partnership with UNIC ONE in Germany. UNIC ONE brings a wealth of procurement experience in Europe's largest economy.  Marianne Haack who...more

Enter Our Sept 2015 eWorld Competition

It feels like only yesterday we packed up our stand at eWorld in March, but with just 31 days to go until we gather again to hear about the latest innovation and technology in the ...more

Yeah but, no but, yeah…introducing dynamic questions!

Our development team have been at it again with the release of another new feature asked for by our loyal clients. Dynamic questions When asking people to complete paper-based ...more

Top 5 Most Common eAuction Questions Solved Using...

EDITORS NOTE: eWorld have kindly invited us to host a seminar on eAuction strategies at the conference in London on 22nd September. Check out our video for a sneaky preview... W...more

Does Cost Plus Encourage Lazy Procurement?

Cost plus: (definition, adjective) “relating to or denoting a method of pricing a service or product in which a fixed profit factor is added to the costs.” You could a...more

Dear UK, Please leave. From France

This article was a challenge to write and should be viewed with good humour and in an amicable fashion. As a good French and European citizen, I am obliged to defend our interests ...more

Market Dojo listed as a Supply Chain Brain

As the most comprehensive supply chain management resource, we feel incredibly privileged to have made the cut for Supply Chain Brain’s honourable list. Supply Chain Brain see...more

2015 West of England Business of the Year...

A massive thanks to PWC and the invitation to the annual awards.  A very well run black tie event in the  Passenger Shed next to Temple Meads station with guest presenter Ian A...more

The cross functional nature of marketing

A traditional view on marketing was to simply split it by indirect and direct marketing.  Indirect is where you are not going direct to a client and direct is where you are. Both ...more

French Trainee – A last blog from the...

Last week we bid a fond farewell to our intern Alex who spent 9 glorious weeks at Market Dojo HQ. Whilst here he worked on translation of the website, wrote content for the blog an...more

Release of Multi-Evaluator scoring

We are delighted to announce another new feature to our tool for multi-evaluator scoring of proposals, available today. The development was another successful collaboration with...more

HomeServe Identify Savings Opportunities of £1.9 Million following...

Market Dojo strive to make procurement professionals’ lives easier by providing innovative cloud-based eSourcing tools. Founded in 2010 by procurement professionals, and having r...more

Some more generous client feedback

In case you missed it, we recently enhanced our Case Study page. This included a neat filter option to help our visitors zone into the segment of interest, be it Private or Publ...more

My Summer in England – the first blog...

This year, I will spend my summer holidays in the British Island. Obviously this is not the most exotic destination but I have to do this because a master in management is wait...more

Our thoughts from the CIPS Middle East conference...

Last week we were generously invited by our partners, ArcBlue, to join their exhibition stand and sponsored dinner at the CIPS Middle East Conference 2015 in Abu Dhabi. ArcBl...more

UWE and Market Dojo collaborate

By working closely with the Bristol Business School of the University of the West of England (UWE), Market Dojo, a young business in the South West, is able to form a very real syn...more

Greenwich University and Market Dojo collaborate

Market Dojo, a start up specialising in e- procurement Software - as - a - Service (SaaS), is constantly looking to expand its sphere of influence through short, medium and lon...more

Top 3 Tips on Creating Compelling Case Studies

Writing a case study is easy. Writing a case study that is engaging, compelling and entices the reader to do more is another matter altogether. Companies structure their case...more

Are eAuctions’ benefits also their Achilles heel?

“An Achilles heel is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall.” eAuctions are a great negotiation tool when use...more

Bringing the ‘e’ into ‘eSourcing’

You are an experienced procurement professional. You have been completing tenders via phone and email since 2001. When you need a quote, you simply pick up the phone, call your ...more

CIPS up in a brewery

On Thursday 16 April Market Dojo attended CIPS Bristol event at Butcombe Brewery. I had not attended a CIPS Bristol event before, but was in the area and my colleague, Nick, had or...more

Sun, eSourcing and Strategic planning- UWE and Market...

Through fortunate timing yesterday (14th April), Market Dojo was able to escape the confines of the office and make the most of the glorious sunny weather in Bristol. The purpose o...more

Why reverse auctions for scholarships are a great...

Earlier we posted an article on a brand new way of using the online reverse auction - to negotiate scholarship tuition fees! To some, this may seem to be a dubious approac...more

Do’s and Don’ts of eTendering

We all owe it to the participants for an Online Negotiation Event to be run in a fair, open and expedient fashion. To help you out, the Market Dojo team have created a guide wh...more

5 years of eSourcing

Over the weekend, we surpassed our 5th year since our memorable incorporation on the 2nd August 2010. There have been a number of fantastic achievements since our previous ...more

The Making of our Viral Videos

Working with a local horror film producer we made a series of light-hearted videos to inject some humour into a procurement professionals day. The basic premise was based on variou...more

What’s the Difference Between the 6 Nations Final...

This Saturday (21st March 2015) is a very important day in the world of rugby. Not only are the final three games of the 6 Nations impending, the ball is literally in anyone's ...more

eSourcing4U: how to set up an eSourcing centre...

Before their unfortunate demise, Phones4U were a wonderful client of our eSourcing and opportunity assessment tools.  Their procurement team was lead by the experienced Sandip...more

CIPS Middle East welcomes Market Dojo

Some exciting news fresh off the press is that we shall be attending the CIPS Middle East conference on the 11th May 2015 in Abu Dhabi. This is courtesy of a generous invi...more

‘What’s the first thing that comes into your...

It is obvious that eSourcing adoption has increased in larger organisations as they implement software to bring eSourcing in-house or use consultants to conduct eTenders on the...more


At eWorld on Tuesday 3rd March, visitors that came to our stand entered their businesses cards into our prize draw to be in with a chance of winning one Market Dojo Licence, encom...more

eWorld March 2015 – A Procurement Rookie’s Perspective

As of Monday 2nd March, I became Market Dojo’s first official employee and the very next day, my knowledge and skills were put to the test as I awoke to my alarm at 4am for my jo...more

Two firsts for the second of March

Today is the second of March and spring is on its way. It's also a landmark day for Market Dojo with two firsts to celebrate. By Jongleur100 (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons...more

Auctioning the elderly – what is the real...

CC Image courtesy of Kevin Dooley The Daily Mail recently published an article about how elderly people had been auctioned off to care homes on the internet. Of course, the ...more

Effixens and Market Dojo partner up to increase...

Editors Note: Effiexens is no longer operating as a consultancy or partner of Market Dojo. We are really excited to welcome Effixens as our partner to offer our leading eProcure...more

A brand new application of the reverse auction

The concept of the reverse auction has been around for close to 20 years and is a well-known approach to negotiating effectively with multiple suppliers. However, the Mornin...more

The eSourcing eVolution: Part I – The Past

This is part one of a three piece blog providing an in-depth analysis of the evolution of eSourcing around the question: "What would Market Dojo be like today if it had started 10...more

Odesma Ltd and Market Dojo Announce Alliance

Here is some exciting news of our new alliance with Odesma, as first published on their website here.  However you can read about it below. By Ed Cross on Thursday, Januar...more

Technology in the year 2000!

We thought it would be interesting to look back at some of the leading tech at the turn of the millennium, things that we've all no doubt used in our past daily lives. We've han...more

Sealing your fate with a sealed bid period

Recently we encountered a twist on standard eAuction formats which worked byconcealing supplier rankings at the end of an auction whilst allowing new bids to be submitted. You c...more

Does Lord Sugar need a basic procurement course?

'Negotiation is the DNA of business' was Alan Sugar's opening line in the boardroom following the negotiation task on 10th series of the Apprentice. Always an interesting episod...more

The curious incident of tied bids in a...

In a most economically advantageous tender (MEAT), bidders are allocated an overall score based on the combination of their price evaluation and their quality/non-price evaluation....more

Take control of your own category planning tool

Last weekend we released a great new enhancement to let our users white-label the Category Dojo opportunity assessment tool. Whilst our Market Dojo eSourcing tool has been whi...more

5 Security Questions to ask your SaaS provider

When evaluating Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions one of the most important things to consider is security. Our customers usually ask about security as part of their evalua...more

What’s great about our auction platform?

We are very proud of our eAuction platform.  It was our initial business proposition and still draws in the crowds.  We have users from companies ranging from one million in turn...more

How to untangle tied bids

What would you do if two bids tied for first place in your tender process? Put a plan in place to avoid tying yourself up in knots, says Nick Drewe, co-founder of Market Dojo.  I...more

Competition works! But only if customers want it...

This is a guest post by Vlado Prosenik from Efekto Pro. Efekto Pro are our consultancy partner in Slovenia.  They help customers make purchases more efficient. You can read the ...more

Some of the things we’ve seen @ the...

As we now enter into our fifth year of business, we'd like to share with you some of the more unusual goods and services that we've seen tendered via our software! For example,...more

Which is better? SaaS or On-premises software

When we started working on Market Dojo, we decided early on that we would use the SaaS model. This was an obvious choice for us, and has helped us and our customers throughout our ...more

A round-up of our conference season

The last 4 weeks have been exceptionally busy for us all at Market Dojo as we firmly enter into the conference season! eWorld September 2014  Firstly we exhibited at the eW...more

See what the Doctor says…

We would like to thank Sourcing Innovation for two great blog posts on Market Dojo. The Sourcing Innovation blog was started in June of 2006, is authored and edited by Michael ...more

Complex eSourcing with our Lot Matrix, what do...

Two years of development has resulted in our most ambitious release yet. The Lot Matrix allows you to build very complex sourcing events, very easily. Here are some videos, please ...more

Communication with suppliers key to driving innovation

(Editor's note:  this article was first published by Supply Management and is a review of a seminar given at eWorld Purchasing & Supply by a client of ours, Milla Harloff-Bern...more

Market Dojo’s Lot Matrix has arrived!

Last weekend we were hugely proud to have made one of our biggest software releases since our incorporation four years ago.  The project has taken our dedicated team over 12 month...more

An easy way to filter your categories

Last night we released a fantastic new feature for Category Dojo that will be of great help to our users with many spend categories. Filtering categories You can now graphicall...more

Mini-competitions to drive Savings within Frameworks

Many senior professionals in the public sector feel that mini-competitions in Frameworks are not used enough, resulting in “less than competitive” pricing compared to wider ext...more

Market Dojo celebrate their 4th birthday!

Over the weekend we achieved our latest milestone of completing our 4th successful year of Market Dojo. Starting from nothing 4 years ago and investing a lot of our time and...more

Introducing the Lot Matrix: Simple Lots

At Market Dojo, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make e-Sourcing simple for our customers.  We believe that software must be easy to use, and give access to the right ...more

Appearance in ‘Going for Growth’ newsletter

We had a great write up in the West of England Growth Fund newsletter after receiving a grant to help develop our e-marketplace concept. Bristol based Market Dojo is poised...more

Category Dojo now has user management

Building on the rapid success of our latest product, Category Dojo, we are now proud to announce a new enhancement to the tool to help our enterprise customers. User hierarchy ...more

Be the eSourcing hero

Targets. Based on savings, number of eSourcing events, other contract KPIs? What do you do? In procurement you quite literally have a myriad of different ways you can be assessed. ...more

eSourcing returns

We recently met up with a small french consultancy, Effixens at cafe Lala in Hammersmith. On the menu was some fantastic mediterranean food as well as a healthy dose of eSourci...more

Our engineering team have been at it again!

We have released some new improvements to both Market Dojo & Category Dojo.  We hope you like them and we also have some great releases in the pipeline so keep your eyes and e...more

A Westminster Diary or An SME in King...

Jon Hansen and Colin Cram from Procurement Insights published our take on the report on Local Government Procurement.  Once again we would like to pass on our thanks helping to pr...more

A gift from the Market Dojo Easter bunny!

In between the ritual consumption of chocolate eggs over the Easter weekend, we released a set of new enhancements to our software for all to enjoy. Amongst the highlights inclu...more

Market Dojo & eBidding.cz partner to bring accessible...

[gallery columns="2" link="none" size="full" ids="6760,6761"] We are delighted to announce our most recent reseller partnership, penned with Ondrej Hajnik of eBidding.cz, to h...more

Market Dojo and the Heartbleed vulnerability

On April 7th 2014, security researchers discovered a serious vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) in OpenSSL, a very popular cryptographic library used by many websites. This library ensu...more

Should suppliers still fear eAuctions?

Following a recent LinkedIn question ("Someone explain to me how a Reverse Auction is fair and equitable to the supplier ...") we had to pause for thought.  Admittedly in th...more

Our development team have been busy…

It’s been a while since we wrote about the new features we are adding to Market Dojo.  However, that doesn’t mean the development team have been taking it easy.  Even though ...more

Can E-Sourcing Break the Bonds of E-mail?

These are the introductory paragraphs of a guest post by Alun Rafique of Market Dojo.  The full article features ThomasNet News who is one of the leading supplier discovery an...more

Rightsourcing: how to benefit from offshoring IT

This is the opening gambit of a guest publication by Nick Drewe of Market Dojo on the highly respected Information Age magazine, whose objective is to help their readers become mor...more

Why Buyers should embrace Japanese Auctions

We have the pleasure of a guest post from one of our clients, Terri Hudson, who represents Baker Wanless and eQuiddity.  She is has many years experience of running auctions an...more

Home advantage: our article posted on Supply Management

Supply Management recently posted an article by Nick Drewe of Market Dojo outlining some top 10 tips for running an eSourcing event, based on his experience of using an eSourcing t...more

eWorld March 2014 & our little talk!

We recently returned from another fantastic eWorld event in Westminster.  The most noticeable difference for us between this event and previous ones was the absence of Market Dojo...more

Strategic procurement and departmental organisation

Thinking of becoming more strategic? How should you adapt your organisational structure? Some time ago one of our client's was asking the same questions. We sat down and worked thr...more

Variables in the Adoption of Auctions in Procurement...

Editor’s Note: When Kelly Barner and Alun Rafique submitted this post on the variables in the adoption of auctions, they hit close to home in terms of an area of procurement abo...more

DIY Opportunity Assessments a Reality with Category Dojo

Thanks to Kelly Barner for her recent post on Category Dojo (2/4/2014) Opportunity assessments have long been tied to service agreements or consulting engagements. They are ex...more

Market Dojo: A Dragon’s Den View by Jon...

Posted on February 4, 2014 by PI Blogger Procurement Insights Blog Editors note:  We had the great pleasure to be picked as a finalist for the 'Year in the life series' on t...more

Tender evaluation and linearity

As two of the founding members of Market Dojo are engineers and the other a physicist, we take our maths very seriously.  One of the reasons for developing our auction platform fo...more

Domestic eSourcing – a follow-up to Spend Matters

This article is a follow-up piece by Nick Drewe, co-founder of Market Dojo, who used the Market Dojo eSourcing tool to let a contract with local builders for his own home extension...more

Reverse auction entrepreneurs to bid for expansion with...

By The Bristol Post  |  Posted: February 05, 2014 By Gavin Thompson A NORTH Bristol firm has led the way in online reverse auctions, in which businesses get suppliers to bi...more

Spend Matters – Innovation Dojo – another new...

PETER SMITH - January 16, 2014 12:05 AM http://spendmatters.com/uk/innovation-dojo-another-new-product-market-dojo/ We featured Market Dojo and their new ‘Category Dojo’ ...more

Spend Matters – Category Dojo – a new...

PETER SMITH - January 13, 2014 7:31 AM http://spendmatters.com/uk/category-dojo-new-product-market-dojo/ If all the surveys and predictions are correct, topics such as suppli...more

2014 – The Year of Category Dojo!

Before we begin, Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! We marked the end of 2013 with the launch of another innovative product, Category Dojo.  We literally had clients queuing u...more

A Westminster Diary or An SME in King...

Posted on December 24, 2013 by piblogger Procurement Insights blog - http://procureinsightseu.wordpress.com/2013/12/24/a-westminster-diary-or-an-sme-in-king-arthurs-court-by-ala...more

Working with Local Government Procurement – our guest...

The following article featured as a guest post on the excellent Procurement Insights EU blog.  It outlines some of the challenges we have faced whilst working with local governm...more

Sourcing my extension (Part 3) – Bid Analysis

This is part 3 of Nick Drewe’s foray into a domestic eSourcing exercise for his house extension. Nick has now held all the site visits and chased in the quotes.  Time for a spot...more

Pushing on with eAuction technology – our new...

For those with eagle eyes, you may have noticed a new feature in our eAuctions over the weekend and this is one we are very excited about. First a bit of background.  Almost al...more

Marketing the Dojo @ CIPS Annual Conference 2013

Last week we attended the CIPS Annual Conference 2013 as quite possibly the latest entrants ever!  By chance at the September ‘13 eWorld event, we met Johnnie Norton, a Sales Ex...more

An Englishman in Paris and the fourth dimension

We were very proud to be invited to the Salon Solutions event in Paris on the 1st-3rd October by our French partner, Effixens. As the only French speaker on the Market Dojo team, i...more

Customer Inspired Changes

The Market Dojo engineering team have been busy again.  This time cranking out some features requested by our favourite people - our customers. We love to hear what our custome...more

eWorld – September 2013

Last week saw our now regular outing to the eWorld Purchasing & Supply event in London. The team in front of our booth My day at eWorld began with a train journey to Lo...more

Sourcing my extension (part 2) – Go Live!

This is part 2 of Nick Drewe’s foray into a domestic eSourcing exercise for his house extension. Nick’s tender has now gone live!  You can catch up on part 1 here. So last...more

Sourcing my extension! (part 1)

This is a multi-part article from Market Dojo co-founder, Nick Drewe, who is currently planning a house extension and is embarking on the sourcing phase of the project.  We’ll l...more

Our Innovation Portal receives further innovation!

Only a month has passed since our initial release of the Innovation Portal, our unique tool our clients use to request, collect and compare innovative ideas from their supply chai...more

Are Japanese auctions a ‘Bad Thing’?

A Japanese auction is a reverse auction where the price drops incrementally over time and the participant must to decide whether to accept or decline each price level.  If the...more

Our Market Dojo top 10 features

Here is a list of what the Market Dojo team have picked as their favorite features.  Why not log in and see what you think? 1. Sandpit You can try the full functionality of ou...more

Another day, another release

Another day brings another release from the Market Dojo labs.  This time we have some great additions in a variety of areas. Ever feel like you need more time? In this develop...more

Market Dojo is 3 years old!

Last Friday we proudly turned 3.  If we were talking about a human rather than a company, we might look a little like this guy: However, we are a business and to reach this...more

Want your own eSourcing portal?

Earlier this year we proudly announced the release of our white labelling enhancements (http://bit.ly/13m6uMB) where you could customise your own unique web address on marketdojo.c...more

Which reverse auction type should I use?

bassetts liquorice allsorts by jonoTakesPictures Attribution-Non Commercial License Great! You have decided that you are going to save time and money by running a reverse aucti...more

Managing your auction?

Market Dojo - we have added some useful new tools The Market Dojo team have been working on some exciting new features over the last few months and today we are very pleased to be...more

Performance improvements

We have improved the performance of certain key parts of Market Dojo.  This changes will improve the experience for everyone, but will be particularly noticeable in events with lo...more

The Innovation Portal – expanding the buyers toolbox

'Creating a Request for Ideas’ Sourcing over the last 20 years has seen the evolution into the electronic age.  Paper-based quotation processes have been replicated.  Auctio...more

Welcome to Optimus Business Solutions – our local...

We are delighted to announce the news that Optimus Business Solutions has gone live, having signed up as a Market Dojo reseller into Australia a few weeks ago. Australia is a ve...more

Create your own portal

Today we are very pleased to announce a new release of Market Dojo. The focus for this release is ‘White labelling’.  This gives Hosts some new options for customising Mark...more

Market Dojo: how to set up your mega...

We’ve been involved in a number of discussions and tender exercises recently with large organisations who require hundreds of users on our platform.  When we tell such organisa...more

Regina Maria acquired an eProcurement system from TotalSoft...

Below is a post from one of our partners, TotalSoft, who is the leading ERP provider in Romania with over 1500 customers across 27 countries.  We partnered with them to provide ou...more

eWorld – March 13 – Turning the corner

Relax with Market Dojo are the words printed on the square stress balls, part of our must have marketing paraphernalia that we had produced for the show (see here).  As it turns o...more

Many hands make light work

We are delighted to announce our second major upgrade of the year.  Log into marketdojo.com today and use our new User Hierarchy feature.  It has been released to help our more e...more

Camelia’s final post…for now

'And here is the last post from our effervescent intern, Camelia...' Wow. I can’t believe I have already reached the end of my internship. There’s only one week left and t...more

A typical day with Market Dojo – by...

Our intern Antoine Boton sums up his experience on his 6 week internship with Market Dojo.  Here is an outline of his typical day's work with us: Before arriving at the Market Doj...more

The broom cupboard entrepreneurs

Here is a article from the Insider, on Entrepreneurship in the South West. Across the South West, bright young things, and some not so young but still bright, are beavering awa...more

Two French students came to Bristol…

Here is an article written by our second intern, Antoine Boton, from École Atlantique de Commerce in Nantes.  Here he empathises with how British people may view their arrival.P...more

Our first upgrade of 2013, with so much...

Over the weekend we completed our first 2013 upgrade, following on from the second upgrade to Samurai back in December of last year.  Such is the elegance of the Software as-a-...more

First impressions of the UK – by our...

For the next few weeks, we are lucky enough be working with two interns from France, Camélia Chiguer and Antoine Boton.  Here are the observations about the cultural differences ...more

Guest Post – Maximising user adoption of e-sourcing...

Today we are very pleased to welcome a guest post from Optimum Procurement.  Jane McAuliffe from Optimum was kind enough to participate in a recent product requirements workshop,...more

Guest post – Successfully Implementing e-Auctions for Legal...

Back in 2012, we received a great deal of interest from customers and prospects considering the use of Market Dojo for sourcing of legal services. Today we are pleased to welcome ...more

Into the Sandpit – head first…

Photo courtesey of tawalker The one feature of Market Dojo that gets me most excited is the Sandpit area, where we invite you to come and experiment with Market Dojo. Everyone l...more

Weighing up the options

by India Kangaroo Many people’s picture of professional buyers is of hard-nosed negotiators, focused purely on cutting costs with absolute disregard for other factors. This ...more

Real-time graphs in the Dojo

Another month goes by and we are again delighted to announce another new release of the Market Dojo software, featuring numerous updates such as: - Extended 'Sealed Event' function...more

Market Dojo enhances solutions through HP partner program

We are really pleased to announce that we have joined the HP Alliance ONE partner program... Market Dojo joined HP Alliance ONE partner program and have realised significant ben...more

Team MD – The force behind the ‘samurai’...

As Team GB were creating a success this summer smashing many records and providing one of the most impressive Olympic results in recent times for Great Britain, Team MD was also ha...more

On boarding suppliers for e-Sourcing

If you are facing a bit of resistance from some of your suppliers to e-Sourcing, here are some tips. Please also see our guide on ‘How to enrol participants’ from our res...more

A fantastic article about Market Dojo on Buyers...

Buyers Meeting Point has written a great article about our new Samurai release. We were so pleased, here it is in full: ENTER THE SAMURAI: ESOURCING MADE SIMPLE In October 2010...more

Market Dojo – the e-route to cost-cutting

Here is our latest press release, announcing our Samurai release and some of the work we have been doing with Shropshire Council... Market Dojo helps organisations to save money...more

Bidding for produce

Little hard data exists over the method of retail procurement via eAuction, but the practice is known to go on. David Burrows asks how widespread it is and what impact ...more

The British culture seen by a Frenchy

editors note:  this is the second blog entry from our excellent intern Hadrien Geffroy.  Sadly Hadrien's internship has reaached it's completion and we have to say au revoir, but...more

Once upon a time, a Frenchman went to...

editor's note:  this is the first of two blog entries by our intern extraordinnaire, Hadrien Geffroy from École Atlantique de Commerce in France.  We were fortunate to have Hadr...more

Market Dojo celebrate their second birthday with a...

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release August 2012 Market Dojo celebrate their second birthday with a year of amazing growth Last week marked Market Dojo’s second successful...more

Sprechen sie Deutsch?!

Today, we are really pleased to announce some great new features for Market Dojo.  We believe these reflect our four core beliefs: being collaborative, transparent, agile and to ...more

Big thanks to University of Gloucestershire Digital Film...

We would like to say a massive thanks to Tea, Liz, Sanni and their lecturer Ben, all from the Digital Film Production course from University of Gloucestershire , for their time a...more

The new breed of software providers – Bringing...

Expediting probably took up half of my time whilst acting as a buyer at a large tier one aerospace provider. Three bids and a buy took up the rest. Was I concerned? Unfortunately n...more

Market Dojo needs you!

We have created accessible e-sourcing software, attracted customers both large and small, proved its value and now we want to share our success. "Market Dojo is looking for rese...more

What is a Japanese Auction?

We have just implemented Japanese Auction capability in our software at the recent request of a customer of ours.  Despite our procurement consultancy past, this is an auction...more

We’ve hired!

Just a quick note to thank everyone we spoke to in our search for our latest recruit.  We have now hired and are delighted to have Dan join our ranks.  Dan has over 8 years Ruby ...more

Ruby on Rails Developer wanted for 6 month...

Market Dojo, an innovative and rapidly growing start-up in the business-to-business sector, has a 6 month contract on offer for an experienced, UK-based Ruby on Rails developer to ...more

Commoditisation of e-Sourcing Software

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post Market Dojo, a Bristol-based e-Sourcing solution start-up. As technology advances, the most sophisticated products of the past become nothing...more

A UK Start-Up’s Viewpoint on the Paradigm Shift...

We were recently asked to contribute our on-the-ground thoughts of the e-Sourcing market, as we witnessed it.  The original posting can be found here, although for ease we have i...more

Would we participate in a reverse auction?

Reverse auctions and even e-sourcing software has become a commodity product.  There are numerous players in this market offering broadly the same functionality.  Sure, some ha...more

Market Dojo vs. eWorld – Round II, September...

Over a year old and apparently a lot wiser, would we be able to take the time out to tackle Revolution’s second e-purchasing event of the year? Is it worth attending? Will there ...more

Why we are so grateful for the ‘cloud’

Last month we surpassed the milestone of our first year in business.  Understandably we were delighted, as we read previously that up to four-fifths of start-ups fail in their fi...more

Do e-Auctions reduce the quality of supply?

Last weekend I attended a fantastic Indian wedding at Addington Palace, where many years ago Henry VIII courted Anne Boleyn.  I certainly hope the bride for this wedding manages ...more

Our Press Release (A bit late!!)

Market Dojo celebrates their 1 year birthday! Market Dojo, an innovative Bristol-based software company, recently celebrated their first year in business.  The company, incorpora...more

Why should you go for Best of Breed?

We were having a meeting the other day with a vastly experienced ex-CPO of many FTSE 250 organisations, whose counsel to us was that we should look at developing a fully integrated...more

The psychology of what we buy – Part...

In the previous posting we saw how advertisers began to sell meaning.  In this post we examine how the selling of meaning and symbols was refined so that marketers could target di...more

The psychology of what we buy – Part...

We would like to introduce a guest blog by our highly capable marketing intern Sam Hallett from Bournemouth University.  Sam has been helping us out in a number of areas over the ...more

Can you use bonuses in procurement to increase...

e-Auctions are a great tool to save money quickly and efficiently if used correctly. However, there always seems to be a barrier to increasing their uptake with many procurement de...more

Things to consider when creating an e-Cademy

For each purchasing department there are many benefits in creating a centre for best practice which centralises all the company methodology for procurement. As Market Dojo works in...more

Market Dojo Interview with Buyers Meeting Point, November...

To get us started, give us a little background on Market Dojo and the team. Two of the founding Directors, Alun Rafique and I, worked as cost reduction consultants for a nearly ...more

Why are we doing what we’re doing?

Billions of pounds are tendered every year on goods and services. Procurement as a profession is becoming an ever more important focus. Companies realise that in these times, comin...more

What is ‘market price’ and how do I...

I realised recently that this is a term we brandish about quite frequently at various meetings and conversations we have.   Occasionally we get nods of appreciation for the term,...more

Gamification – An evolution in software design or...

Recently there has been an article in Supply Management and also on the UK Spend Matters blog by Peter Smith touching on the subject of Gamification. For those unfamiliar with t...more

10 (and a bit) things you didn’t know...

We’ve run an auction on our software before via a mobile phone – true cloud technology! In 10 clicks of the mouse you can log-in, create an Event, gather pre-bids andru...more

What are the top things to do when...

I recieved a question on LinkedIn recently.  Specifically it was: "What are the top things to do when starting a new PPC campaign or optimizing an existing one?". Not really be...more

The Market Dojo eWorld Purchasing & Supply experience!

Despite being in existence for only 7 months, we decided to invest in exhibiting in the eWorld show, having recognised it to be the premier event to exhibit for organisations in ...more

Old versus new: why work with a growth-stage...

As a bootstrapped company trying to make our forays into a mature market, there is one major trait that we have that our competitors can never encroach and that is that we are a gr...more

Managing and scoring questionnaires

Once the participants' responses to the questionnaires start arriving, you can assess them. This video talks you through the scoring of questionnaires....more

Making Edits

Everyone makes mistakes, which is why we include an Edit feature in our software. If you notice a missing document or you wish to add more participants or change a Lot, you can do ...more

Creating a quick RFQ

This tutorial illustrates how you can create a quick RFQ (Request for Quotation) in minutes....more

Crediting an Event & our Pricing

This video tutorial describes how you can credit an event, if you are on the Pay As You Host payment plan. We also explain a little about our Pricing page and the various options t...more

Creating advanced Lots

This tutorial shows you in detail how to create an advanced lot with the lot matrix. It covers the creation of components, line items, excell uploads, calculations and much more....more

Creating Lots

This step is to create the Lots, against which the participants place their bids. We allow as many Lots as you see fit, so please watch this tutorial for help on how to correctly s...more

Creating questionnaires

This step outlines how to create questionnaires for your sourcing event and to set up scoring and weighting with different question types, whether you want it to be Pre-Qualificati...more

Creating the Event and Event Settings

This tutorial guides you through the first step which is how to create an Event and pick the settings that suit you best....more

Managing Participants

Once your event is out in the market, your participants will hopefully be progressing the various actions, be it uploading documents, completing questionnaires, submitting quotes o...more

Signing Up

The first tutorial guides you through the Sign Up process and introduces you to some of the innovative concepts that make using our software so easy, such as your very own Dashboar...more

Warren Services save Administrative overhead using Quick Quotes

With Quick Quotes, it's difficult to find reasons not to use it. My team think its great. We were worried everyone would say you send too much stuff but everyone's feedback has been “we love it”.

William Bridgman Managing Director at Warren Services

Arqiva use Market Dojo as a key tool within their purchasing strategy

I managed to generate a 48% saving in 2 hours so was very happy with the result! I would definitely recommend these guys. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about them. Excellent service, excellent software and a fantastic experience.

Tara Hunt Category Manager, Arqiva
discover how our customers specsavers are using market dojo for their reverse auction and esourcing events

Market Dojo helps bring simplicity to a complex procurement environment

The company and people are intuitive, young and enthusiastic in nature. Specsavers will be looking to use Market Dojo as a ‘business as usual’ tool and regard it as an integral part of their negotiation toolkit.

Jasper Raby Procurement Consultant, Specsavers


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