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Process Guides
Hosts Process Guide
Do's, Dont's and Not Allowed

Category Selection Guides

How To Pick Your Category
Category Evaluation Questionnaire
Category Examples

Online Negotiation Event Templates

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Multi Line Item Bid Sheet Template
Logistics Delivery Profile Template
Request For Participation Brief
Request For Participation Checklist
Request For Participation Template
Request For Participation Completed Example
Participant Bidding Guide
Bidding in Multiple Currencies
Participant Upload Template for New Events
Participant Upload Template for Groups
Host Upload Template for Groups
Lot Upload Template

Business Cases

Quick Quotes Business Case
eSourcing Business Case
SIM Dojo Business Case
Category Dojo Business Case

Sourcing Guides

Participant Sourcing
How to Enrol Participants

Guides for Alternative Negotiation Approaches

Face-to-Face Negotiation Strategy
Strategic Price Negotiation

Process Guides

Participants Process Guide
Psychology of Online Negotiation Events
Both Host & Participant

Creating real value from eSourcing Market Dojo Event 17

Alun Rafique - Market Dojo
Graham Woodison - Challenge25
Iain McKenna - Sourcing Solved
Keith Moore - Fairnet Commercial Services
Nick Ford - Odesma
Richard Bell - Steps 4 Consulting
Rob Lees - ISS Ministry of Defence
Robert Copeland - G4S
Simon Boggis - ACI Solutions
Terri Hudson - Baker Wanless


Barriers to Adopting Reverse Auctions Infographic
Myths of Online Negotiation Events
The Full Process Flow
e-Auction Infographic
Step By Step Participant and Host Guide
Beginner's Guide to Reverse Auctions