We believe in four key ideologies which we take with us into every task we face, every person we meet, every activity we involve ourselves in. We always aim to be:

  • Collaborativegrow our software in line with our customer needs and wants.
  • Transparentbeing open and honest to ensure mutual success.
  • Agileability to adapt and respond quickly to client needs from support to development.
  • Having fun you’ve got to enjoy what you do!
Our choice of service providers helps demonstrate these core values. For example, our e-Sourcing software is written on cutting edge open-source web application software (the same platform that Twitter and Spotify have adopted). As a company, we communicate to each other through Skype, whether via the laptop or mobile phone, giving us complete flexibility and value. We use Mikogo desktop sharing to chair remote meetings and give demonstrations, saving unnecessary wastage of time and money, as well as being better for the environment. Our CRM and accountancy systems are new SaaS companies exhibiting both competence and simplicity.
Our strategy puts us in a unique position over other large software companies and consultancies and we like to pass on the benefits to our customers. Therefore, in the field of e-Sourcing our customers are unique in that by being with us they; are not burdened by expensive training costs incurred by complex and tiresome software; have fantastic visibility of the process, the software and importantly the pricing before they have to spend anything at all; are able to use us completely on-demand; are able to benefit from our affordable pricing, with no hidden costs, to give a near instant return on investment.
In terms of the people , the original founders of market dojo hold extensive knowledge of the procurement, e-Auction and software industries from their previous employment as specialist Management and IT Consultants. These core skills have been used to the full extent right from the conception of the company. The software has been designed for self-service usage, yet contains all the best-in-class features. The guides and tutorials have been written to share as much of the consultancy knowledge as possible and are freely available. The website has been designed to be as transparent and easy-to-use as the software itself. And the support has been put in place to ensure customer satisfaction at all stages of your relationship with us.