•   HOMESERVE saved £1.9m with two  

      on-demand e-Auctions on Market Dojo  

Why choose Market Dojo?

On Demand

Run an eAuction on a pay per use basis for as little as £500. This makes it simple to move forward and generate a quick Return On Investment.

Easy to use

We help you bring eAuctions in house through an intuitive interface and making the process simple for your suppliers.

You're in control

Our software can cope with many types of eAuction. Combined with our great support ensures that we have the right fit for your needs.

Negotiate quickly and efficiently

It's easier than you think

You can use our tool to set up an eAuction [forward or reverse] in minutes. With the intuitive interface, excellent support, guides and resources we will ensure you are successful. Due to our careful design, supplier also find it simple to use the system and place their bids.

Efficiently negotiate with an e-Auction

Whether you have 3 bids already and want to quickly negotiate, or perhaps want to set up a weighted eAuction with multiple lots, lines items, components and scenarios, we can help make it effortless to do all this yourself with a complete control.


"It is great that we can extract this value from smarter procurement initiatives. The subcontractor network may have fallen into the complex category, which often doesn't favour e-auctions. However, with the correct communication, due diligence and controls, we have proved that the e-auction methodology can still be a success."

Jadon Silva,
Head of Procurement,

We're founded by Procurement experts, so we've walked in your shoes.
When you sign up with us, our team will make sure to support you at every step.