Comprehensive functionality for all your e-Sourcing needs

Designed by procurement specialists, our software has all the capabilities you need for your e-Sourcing requirements.

Request for Quotation (RFQ) capability

With our full licence, you can create RFQ events, whereby you source prices from your own market, creating a centralised place for you to manage, store and track all RFQ activities. If you do find that further negotiation is required, simply proceed to auction. With exportable results and a complete history of activity, our software can be used for all your sourcing needs.

Integrated Questionnaires

Within the software you can design your own questionnaires. Call them what you want from a PQQ to an RFP or simply a survey. You can score them or weight them to your choosing and take them forward to a weighted RFQ or auction. This flexibility lets you drive the most complex sourcing problem through to conclusion and take account of non-price-related criteria.

Qualification bids & Auction

If you know an auction is right for your commodity, set up an event which allows you to obtain qualification bids to give you an understanding of the market before proceeding to an auction. We offer you a highly efficient method of running both forward and reverse auctions which can either be Ranked, Open or Japanese.

Weighted RFQs and Auctions

No longer do auctions have to be on price alone. You can easily combine questionnaire scores with pricing to give an overall weighted score for the bids. We offer two market-leading price conversion mechanisms that allow you to provide clarity and detail during an auction of the questionnaire score, price score and overall score, making it very easy for you to explain your final decision. Simple, transparent and auditable weightings to help you make the best decision.

Innovation Portal

Our new unique tool, the Innovation Portal, allows you to retain the human component with your suppliers and develop even stronger relationships. Supplier can suggest improvement ideas on their own, or in reply to your requests. All ideas can be assessed under our common methodology to prioritise the best ones. You can even incentivise your supplier base with a gain share arrangement for any innovation which boosts financial gains and efficiencies.


We are unique in many ways. This is another such example. You can play with our software in the Sandpit to gain experience and understand how the software works. You can view the events you create as a Host and a Participant and prepare yourself for a real activity. The Sandpit will allow you to make the mistakes in a safe environment and consolidate your training, thereby increasing uptake and adding to the enjoyment of using our software.

Public Sector functionality

We have developed new capabilities within our software to specifically make Public Sector negotiations easy, especially in-framework negotiations/mini-competitions and sub-OJEU tenders. With Activity Logs, Sealed Bids, PQQs and weighted events, we present ourselves as the most affordable and accessible e-Sourcing tool for Public Sector negotiations.

Make the software your own

Import your participant database and create groups

Import your participants and create defined groups and supply pools for precision machinists, investment casters or office supplies companies, for example. This gives you your own categorised participant base.

Create a document library

Some documents you may wish to attach to an event time and again, such as a list of delivery addresses or your standard terms and conditions. Upload them once to your library so for each new event you can add them at a click of a button.

Event cloning and templates

Once you've run a successful event and wish to run another with a similar make-up, you can clone an event for immediate use. Have the options to clone the settings, the questionnaires, the Lots, the documents and even the Participants. Repeatability is a doddle with this. We also allow you to save your favourite templates for the questionnaires whether they are for RFPs, surveys or PQQs.

Use your own logo and company colours

Brand our software in your own logo and menu colours to give your Hosts and Participants a bespoke experience. This white-labelling is instant and costs nothing.

Data export

When all is over and your event has been a success, all our results are exportable via CSV or xlsx format. This lets you analyse the results off-line or plug the results into your report or back into your ERP system.

Online message board

Market Dojo provides an online integrated message board to handle all your communications with participants throughout the process. For efficient real-time communication to keep a level playing field.

Supporting you every step of the way

At Market Dojo, we provide software that you will want to use as it makes your life easier. It is so simple to pick up, you won't need any extensive training. However, if you do need a helping hand (and we have a huge wealth of experience in running online sourcing activities) we have:

Help videos

Accessible through our support page to guide you though the software.

User guides

An expansive library of guides to boost your confidence.


Our community for you to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Live Chat

Just like instant messenger to answer any immediate problems.


No premium rate support numbers here, just first-class experienced support.


Access our wiki for any detailed help on nuances of the software.