We make e-Sourcing easy

Save time and money by using Market Dojo for your sourcing activities!

We realise there are many professionals who would like to use e-Sourcing tools but are not able to, due to prohibitive costs, cumbersome software and perceived complexity.

We aim to de-mystify this market by providing you with what you need to carry out these activities successfully under your own control.

We offer the first software on the market to take the complexity out of professional e-Sourcing.

Our solution is specifically aimed at bringing e-Sourcing capabilities in-house .

Qualify suppliers
with questionnaires

From simple pre-qualifications to advanced weighted, multi-scorer proposals, it's a doddle to solicit information.

Centralise your
quotation activities

Run your 3 bids and a buy in minutes or seek cost breakdowns across thousands of price points.

Reduce your costs through auctions

Negotiate the best value for your goods and services procurement.

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