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Collaborate and innovate

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Discover how you can create your own innovation portal to capture and collaborate with your suppliers. Our solution allows you to retain the human component with your suppliers and develop even stronger relationships. Participants can suggest improvement ideas on their own or reply to your requests. All ideas can be assessed under our common methodology to prioritise the best ones. Ensuring that this easy to use tool makes innovation easy.


  • Creating Topics : Topics are the top level entity that you wish to receive ideas for, e.g. ‘New packaging designs’. Topics can be created either by you or by your participants.
  • Idea Submission : Once your topic is live, your participants can submit their ideas against it. They can explain their ideas based on the financial benefits, resources required, timescales, and challenges
  • Scoring of Ideas : A very easy to use interface to score the participants’ ideas once they come in. Use either a simple 1 to 5 rating for the idea or a more complex scorecard against such criteria as Time, Resource, Cost, Financial Opportunity, Urgency and Importance.
  • Comparing & Prioritising Ideas : Once you’ve scored your ideas, you can compare them to filter out ones with immediate & accessible benefits from those that may be more riskier. Manage your ideas pipeline by marking their status update and archive ideas that are not immediately suitable.


  • Improve relationships through collaboration – Engaging with your suppliers, employees and customers to bring you closer together
  • Encourage innovation in your business – Embed our best practice solution to give you traceability, control and confidence in your innovation strategy
  • Assess & prioritise your ideas – Our tool provides you with a consistent central repository for all idea collection and management
  • Repeatable, robust and very simple – Get started by signing up for free today