Market Dojo are proudly listed on the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace to help you procure our software easily without having to run a procurement exercise. Here are our current listings:

Market Dojo eSourcing
This is for your own secure, web-based access to the Market Dojo eSourcing software on a self-service basis either monthly or annually, with first-class technical support provided by phone, e-mail and Live Chat. You can use the software to run weighted PQQs, RFIs, RFQs and e-Auctions.

From: £525 per month

Market Dojo eSourcing Services
This is for additional resource, charged per consultant per day, to complement the Market Dojo e-Sourcing software. The resource can be used for managed eAuction services using our team of skilled and experienced consultants.

From: £525 per day

Category Dojo Opportunity Assessment
Category Dojo fits between spend analysis and e-Sourcing. It's an innovative procurement web application that will provide spend category insight, strategy and opportunity assessment. The benefits of the unique tool will allow procurement to consistently address more cost reduction opportunities, reduce the time taken to compile and manage category plans.

From: £1,050 per year

Innovation Dojo Supplier Collaboration
Innovation Dojo is an idea generation and collaboration tool. It allows you to retain the human component with your suppliers and develop even stronger relationships. Suppliers suggest ideas on their own or in reply to your requests. Assess the ideas to prioritise the best ones for quick gains.

From: £315 per month

SIM Dojo supplier on-boarding and information management
SIM Dojo is a supplier on-boarding and information management tool. It helps organisations collect, centralise and evaluate important information about your suppliers with a view to approving them to certain spend categories. Reduce risk of non-compliance and unavailability of key supplier information with this tool today.

From: £5,250 per year