How online forward auctions can help you

Are you facing pressure to maximise your returns ?

Companies are under increasing pressure to find the BEST price for their goods and services.

  • Economic pressure – The recession has forced companies to be streamlined and innovative.
  • Global competition – New threats are forcing companies to re-examine how they sell.
  • Release capital – Free up cash in unused assets or excess stock.
  • Efficiency – Develop a rapid process to increase sales and reduce company excesses.
Why should I use a forward auction ?

A forward auction is becoming a standard process in todays business landscape.

  • Repeatability – Build your own market place for repeatable transactions.
  • Increase sales – You want to sell to a global market and maximise the price.
  • Dispose of assets – Find the best price for your assets and not just any price.
  • Optimisation – Reduce unused stock or dispose of scrap quickly with the best return.
Why shouldn't I use a forward auction ?

Forward auctions are very well understood but there are considerations.

  • Time and resource – It does take time but the return is worthwhile and repeatable.
  • Achievable pricing – Forward auctions are proven to obtain a better price than spot selling.
  • Low confidence – Our professional software & support will guide you to success.
  • Payment guarantee – All buyers will sign our Terms making the process legally binding.
Why should I use market dojo ?

Our online secure e-Auction software is designed for you to use and achieve success.

  • Comprehensive – Our software is packed with all the features required for B2B e-Auctions (different event types and options, document tracking, inbuilt messaging and many more…).
  • Professional support – We offer live chat, e-mail and phone support as standard..
  • Return on Investment – Proven to increase results by 18% over traditional approaches.
  • Market comparison – No other e-Auction software on the market offers the same value.

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