Funny you should ask questions

Below are some of the important questions that we get asked occasionally. If you can't find the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly or to challenge our community on the forum.


Who is market dojo ?
What is an Online Negotiation Event?
What other terminology is used instead of Online Negotiation Event?
What is a Host?
What is a Participant?
What is a Lot?
What is a Qualification Bid?
What is a private marketplace?
Where does the name market dojo come from?


What can you negotiate online?
Are the bids legally binding?
What methods of communication can be used?
How do I get Upgrades?
Can I access my Data after an Event?


What if the internet goes down during the Event?
Can I use market dojo if I don't have the internet?
Can I give my log-in details to someone else?
What if I am ill during the Event?
What if I want to share my Event with someone?



How and when should I log into market dojo ?
Can I have direct contact with the Host?
Who should I contact during the Event?
How can I be sure the Event is genuine and legitimate?
What exactly am I bidding on?
Will I be informed of new opportunities?


Starting out

How do I register with market dojo ?
Why would I use market dojo ?
When should I use market dojo ?

Event Settings

What format of Events can I run?
How long should an Event last?
Can I create an Event based on a unit price or must it be the total value?


How many Lots can I have?


Can I upload documents?
How many documents can I upload?
What size documents can I use?
What format of documents can I use?
Can I send out documents with my Event Invitation?

Inviting Participants

How do I invite participants to take part in my Event?
How many participants can I involve?


Can someone make a last second bid to win the Event?
What happens if, during the course of the activity, we find it is not suitable to progress to the Online Negotiation?
Do Online Negotiation Events adversely affect the relationship with my incumbent?
Why do you use a credit system?

Security and Data

Who has access to my Event, Lots and Documents?
Can I stop participants from accessing my Event?
Can I export my data out of market dojo ?
What back-up and security procedures do you have?

Full Licence

Can I use market dojo as a mini e-Procurement system?
Can one Full Licence be used for many users?