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      Creating real value from eSourcing  

Why attend our next event?

Our inaugural procurement event took place on Thursday 6th April 2017 at Stonehouse Court Hotel in Gloucestershire.

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Interact with industry leaders to discover how real value can be created through sourcing best practices.


Listen to presentations on a range of different procurement topics to learn how you can benefit from their experiences.


Find out how you can be making real savings on a number of different categories and use a variety of sourcing techniques.

Agenda of Thursday 6th April 2017

  • 09:45am - 10:00am - Arrival
  • 10:00am - 10:15am - Welcome speech
  • 10:15am - 10:45am - Keynote Presentation by Robert Copeland - "Resetting the supplier/buyer dynamic"
  • 10:45am - 11:15am - Keynote Presentation by Richard Bell - "Bed of Nails & Robots"
  • 11:15am - 11:30am - Coffee and networking
  • 11:30am - 11:55pm - Presentation by Rob Lees - "People and Process success in government"
  • 11:55pm - 12:20pm - Presentation by Graham Woodison - "Using different ways to achieve 25% savings"
  • 12:20pm - 13:20pm - Lunch and networking
  • 12:20pm - 13:20pm - Choose to watch a live demo or check your emails
  • 13:20pm - 13:45pm - Presentation by Iain McKenna - "Finding the talent to match the technology"
  • 13:50pm - 14:15pm - Presentation by Nick Ford - "Using sourcing to transform organisation into proc leaders"
  • 14:20pm - 14:45pm - Presentation by Simon Boggis - "Establishing an eSourcing Centre of Excellence
  • 14:45pm - 15:00pm - Coffee and networking
  • 15:00pm - 15:25pm - Presentation by Keith Moore - "eSourcing, the best way to buy energy... that's a fact!"
  • 15:30pm - 15:55pm - Presentation by Terri Hudson - Baker's ingredients lists for a successful eAuctions
  • 15:55pm - 16:00pm - Closing speech

Who was speaking at the event?

Using different ways of working to achieve 25% savings

"Graham Woodison, the former Senior Purchasing Manager at Specsavers and founder of Challenge25, discusses his specialism in improving performance and creating additional savings of 25% compared to those achieved by just using traditional methods."

Graham Woodison, Former Senior Purchasing Manager, Specsavers

People and Process success in government

"Rob Lees will be presenting on creating success through implementing practical processes and people within government."

Rob Lees, Commercial Director, ISS Ministry of Defence

eSourcing, the best way to buy energy... that's a fact!

"Keith Moore, Owner of Fairnet Commercial Services will be presenting on how he advises using eSourcing solutions to deliver the best value for business energy contracts."

Keith Moore, Owner, Fairnet Commercial Services

Baker’s ingredients list for a successful eAuctions, it’s a piece of cake

"Terri Hudson will be discussing the different ways to make a successful eSourcing event and the fundemental aspects to delivering real value through eAuctions."

Terri Hudson, Managing Director, Baker Wanless Limited

Establishing an eSourcing Centre of Excellence

"Simon Boggis, the former CPO of Ceva Logistics will be discussing his experience in transforming a decentralised procurement team to deliver bottom line benefits."

Simon Boggis, Founder, ACI Solutions

What did our attendees say?

"We are eager to be attending and finding new ways to generate real savings within procurement. In particular, we are interested in the new strategies that are being adopted within retail and freight procurement."

Philip Corbett, Procurement Manager, Travis Perkins

"It's great to be invited to the Market Dojo event, for us the major benefit of the day is to find new ways in which we can increase eSourcing adoption with our procurement team and learn new best practice techniques."

Daniel Higginson, eSourcing Manager, Next

"I'm looking forward to uncovering new ways that we can expand our sourcing categories, in particular Market and Energy procurement as key areas that we can produce further savings."

Edward Dring, Procurement Manager, McCarthy & Stone

What did our partners say?

"We are eager to be attending and presenting at the inaugural Market Dojo event. We are hoping to learn and network with some of the major industry leaders within procurement. Having been an established partners of Market Dojo for a number of years we have led multiple projects in bringing eSourcing solutions to renowned corporations."

Ed Cross, Executive Director, Odesma

"It's an honor to be invited to attend the very first Market Dojo event. As a specialist executive search consultancy that focuses on procurement, we help businesses find the right executive management for their procurement division. In attending the Market Dojo event we hope to further understand the key factors in implementing a new sourcing strategy. "

Iain McKenna, Managing Director, Sourcing Solved

“We are delighted to receive an invitation from Market Dojo to join them at their event. As an innovation award winner for contract management and supplier performance management software we are really excited to be sharing an event with another innovative company in the sourcing arena.”

Noel Green, Director, Contractswise

“If the past years’ collaboration with Market Dojo is any indicative of this first conference, it will be both light-hearted but professional, expert while remaining anchored in the real life. Can’t wait to learn, network… and showcase our brand new integration that helps customers progress swiftly from ideas to savings.”

Pierre Laprée, Founder, Per Angusta

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