Professional procurement reports in minutes

Easily interpret the results to determine your purchasing strategy.

Build your own spend category tree

Use Category Dojo to model your spend into supplier-facing categories and sub-categories. Run reports on particular branches to identify where your opportunities lie.

Use our proprietary technology to interpret your spend

Over our many years in procurement, we know how to discover the hidden opportunities. Using our knowledge and experience, we have devised proprietary algorithms to automate this intuitive process that will become more powerful with continuous benchmarking and assessment.

Determine your best route to market

Use our Sourcing Strategy report to give you a guideline on which sourcing options might be best for each category, be it an RFI, RFQ or even an eAuction. We'll even tell you how suitable the category is for an eAuction.

Uncover your low-hanging fruit

Our Spend vs. Complexity report will help you to understand where the path of least resistance lies to ensure a seamless and productive procurement exercise from which you can build the team's confidence and go on to achieve fantastic results!

Find your quick wins

An important aspect of running any procurement exercise is to ensure you see some returns for your efforts. This is exactly what our Time vs. Return report achieves for you, ranking your categories by the greatest expected returns on your investment.

Evaluate your savings potential

One of the key deliverables of any procurement department is to drive savings across the business. Where the savings opportunities lie can be a challenge, however you can now use our Savings report to rank your categories by the greatest potential, with or without switching costs.

Understand your supplier relationships

Whilst the Kraljic matrix is well known in the procurement industry, rarely do procurement professionals put themselves in their suppliers' shoes and understand their perspective. Now you can do this with our Power Balance report. Weigh up perspectives from either side of the negotiation table to truly understand your supplier relationships.

Prioritise your categories based on your own criteria

We appreciate that each procurement team is measured against their own targets. Some may be tasked to rationalise suppliers, others must hit short-term goals. Therefore we provide our Prioritisation report where you can rank your categories against your own criteria with your own levels of importance for each to see which categories rise to the top.

Download the Category Dojo app to use it on the go!

For those who want to have their category plan at their fingertips, download our free Category Dojo iOS app for free. It synchronises both ways with the website to ensure that all your information is in one place. Find it on iTunes now!

And finally, bring home the savings by integrating with Market Dojo e-Sourcing

Once you have discovered, compared and prioritised the opportunities in your spend, it is time to make them happen. This is where Market Dojo can help you turn the plans into reality through professional, easy-to-use and affordable e-Sourcing .