We make category planning easy

Discover, compare and prioritise your procurement opportunities

Every procurement department needs to analyse their spend for a wide range of categories, sometimes managed by many individuals and still determine realistic budgets.

category dojo delivers an innovative procurement web application that will provide spend category insight , strategy and opportunity assessment for public and private sector procurement teams.

The benefits of the unique tool will allow procurement teams to consistently address more cost reduction opportunities, reduce the time taken to compile and manage category plans.

category dojo is the missing link between spend analysis and e-Sourcing.

Discover opportunities = More savings

Assess as many spend categories as you wish to reveal the golden opportunities.

Compare different strategies = Greater success

Recommendations are made for the optimal strategy to maximise the benefits.

Prioritise your categories = Optimal planning

Build your sourcing pipeline based on your own key criteria, such as savings, timescales or complexity.

Access anywhere = Improved productivity

Never install or upgrade software again. Simply access anywhere through your web browser or phone.