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Prioritise your categories for optimal planning

Build your own sourcing pipeline based on your key criteria such as savings, timescales or complexity. Category Dojo allows you to easily compare and contrast different categories and sourcing events to help you understand what’s the best sourcing activity for you.

Discover more opportunities for savings

Identify potential savings opportunities that may have been overlooked in addition to evaluating factors such as risk reduction and supplier relationships that typically aren’t consistently analysed. Analysing your spend for a wide range of spend categories with our Spend Vs Complexity Reports that can help you to find and evaluate new opportunities for savings in both direct and indirect spend.

Compare different strategies for greater success

Category Dojo gives you recommendations for the optimal sourcing strategy to ensure that you maximise the benefits and return on your sourcing activities. Whether it’s RFQ’s or Auctions, Category Dojo will analysis your data to allow you to contrast and compare different strategies to get the best results.


Every procurement department needs to analyse their spend for a wide range of categories, sometimes managed by many individuals and still determine realistic budgets. Category Dojo can provide you with spend category insight, strategy and opportunity assessment for public and private section procurement teams. Category Dojo has a host of features that can make it a unique category spend solution to build your own spend category tree and establish sourcing strategy. By using the tool you can ensure that you are choosing the most effective sourcing option for each category and ranking your categories by the greatest potential.

Aggreko create "Freight eMarketplace" using the Market Dojo tool

By using Market Dojo we have seen definite success with tremendous savings produced as a result. Significantly the system has allowed our central team to capture and relay the data on a large scale through an easy to manage system. It's clear now that we will always be using a form of Market Dojo’s eAuction tool.

Chad Thibodeaux Central Logistics Manager for North American Division, Aggreko

Arqiva use Market Dojo as a key tool within their purchasing strategy

I managed to generate a 48% saving in 2 hours so was very happy with the result! I would definitely recommend these guys. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about them. Excellent service, excellent software and a fantastic experience.

Tara Hunt Category Manager, Arqiva
discover how our customers specsavers are using market dojo for their reverse auction and esourcing events

Market Dojo helps bring simplicity to a complex procurement environment

The company and people are intuitive, young and enthusiastic in nature. Specsavers will be looking to use Market Dojo as a ‘business as usual’ tool and regard it as an integral part of their negotiation toolkit.

Jasper Raby Procurement Consultant, Specsavers