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Category Insight

Discover the different steps of category spend insight cycle by clicking the different aspects

  • icon Category Planning
  • 1Data Evaluation
  • 2Submit Category Data
  • 3See Your Quick Wins
  • 4Understand Supplier Relationships
  • 5Evaluate Savings Potentials
  • 6Prioritise Your Categories
  • 7Source Through Market Dojo
  • 8Exports Reports


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Reveal, compare and prioritise your procurement opportunities with our intuitive tool. We give every procurement department the tools that they need to analyse and collaborate their spend for a wide range of categories. Including spend category insight, strategy and opportunity assessment for public and private sector procurement teams. Our innovative procurement web application allows procurement teams to consistently address more cost reduction opportunities, reduce the time the to compile and manage category plans as well as provide the missing link between Spend Analysis and eSourcing.


  • Build your own spend category tree – Model your spend into categories and subcategories
  • Proprietary Algorithms – Category Dojo uses complex algorithms to discover hidden opportunities
  • Spend vs Complexity Report – Understand which category presents the least path of resistance
  • Time vs Return Report – This report ranks your categories by the greatest expected ROI
  • Free Sandpit Tool – Enter as many categories as you like to review some basic reports.

Overcome your challenges

  • Rather than conduct category assessment in a manual adhoc fashion, use Category Dojo to ensure that you don’t overlook potential opportunities and factors such as risk reduction and supplier relationships
  • Instead of using a manual approach for savings forecasting, use a professional tool to ensure that you aren’t creating a potentially inaccurate plan that increases the risk of missed targets, affecting corporate performance and team demotivation
  • Use our unique category spend analysis tool to produce accurate savings predictions, create spend category analysis reports and capture key data through a centralised tool