Have we not met?

We are a pioneering software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that offers professional, intelligent and easy-to-use online negotiation software at commoditised pricing. In our brief existence so far, we have marked a number of fantastic milestones. Here are some of the highlights:

  • founding the company in August 2010.
  • releasing version 1.0 of the software in late November 2010.
  • first e-auction, a great success with 25% saving.
  • Adding in RFQ capability, April 2011.
  • first e-auction that required zero training of either the buyer or the suppliers – it was worth over £1m as well!
  • first customer self-sign up and go.
  • welcoming our first Fortune 500 customer.
  • being awarded a TSB grant.
  • signing our first site licence agreement.

In fact, there are just too many to list. In terms of who we are, there are three of us who lead the company: Alun Rafique, Nick Drewe and Nic Martin. All three of us are University of Bristol graduates, two of us in Engineering and one in Physics. Our previous employers include Rolls Royce, PwC, Ansys and Attensity, giving us nearly 30 years of Management, IT and Procurement consultancy experience. Having said that, this is the first time we have ever set up our own company! Please find a little introduction to us all below.

Alun Rafique

After starting out working as an Aeronautical engineer, Alun soon moved into procurement as a buyer then senior buyer for Rolls-Royce, principally involved in buying indirect parts for one of the assembly plants. He expanded his procurement skills working on an inventory stores management solution for the MoD whilst working for PwC. Alun developed his skillset further to include sales and account management by selling engineering software solutions and obtained the position of UK Sales Manager in his final role in that sector. His next role combined the skills of engineering, buying, consultancy and software sales to take a role with Vendigital as an Account Manager, selling and managing projects in the e-Sourcing sector. However, Alun is now taking on his most exciting role as a Director at market dojo.

Nick Drewe

Upon graduation from Bristol University with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Nick joined Vendigital, a niche Procurement consultancy specialising in cost reduction. Nick's initial role was as a Sourcing Manager, responsible for motivating and managing the suppliers through the tender processes, as well as supporting the cost analysis and auction strategies. After two years Nick was promoted to Project Manager and spent the next 3 years delivering cost reduction projects and programmes on behalf of clients, whilst ensuring they ran on time and on budget. The value of the spend per project ranged between £200,000 up to €20 million and the savings typically achieved were in the order of 26%. Nick now puts these skills to great use whilst supporting customers at market dojo.

Nicholas Martin

Nic graduated from Bristol University as a physicist and spent two years working as a civil servant before taking a short career break in order to retrain as an IT database specialist. In the following 7 years he worked as an IT consultant extending his technical skills and gaining extensive experience designing, project managing and implementing successful IT solutions. He also worked on projects relating to supplier relationship management and global sourcing. During this period he worked with all the components of a typical modern IT solution. For the next 3 years, Nicholas has worked in pre-sales capacity, building on his experience of solution architecture and project planning before joining market dojo.