Welcome to Samurai

In September 2012 we released our mega new software update to create Market Dojo 2.0, nicknamed ‘Samurai – the cutting edge for cutting costs’.

Samurai is a total revamp of our initial software, ‘Enter the Dojo’, that had served us so well over the previous two years, helping our customers save millions of pounds all over the globe.

However, as with any software product, there comes a time for a face-lift and that is what we have done. Samurai comes packed full of new features (check them out here), some of which are industry-firsts, such as the Sandpit and the Innovation Portal. Samurai also boasts a completely new user experience and web design, much more in line with the best applications we see around us today.

However, we are nostalgic folk and we like to be reminded of our humble beginnings, and so it is with pride and a tear in our eyes that we show you below some of the never-to-be-released-again features of Market Dojo 1.0, ‘Enter the Dojo’:

Our old Homepage

Our old Sign Up page

Our old Dashboard

Our old Event Creation

Our old Event Management screen

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