Negotiate the best deal

e-Sourcing helps you reduce costs, centralise your quotations and ensure professionalism in your negotiation activities

Why e-Sourcing

Over the last few years there has been a quiet revolution. No longer is e-Procurement solely the realm of a large enterprises. It is now accessible and can offer benefits to anyone.

With easy-to-use, web-based software, e-Sourcing is being de-mystified, allowing more businesses to save money quickly and easily.

e-Sourcing is changing the way businesses work, for the better.

With the right tool, it can bring many immediate benefits to you...

  • Fast cost reduction and a large Return on Investment.
  • Improved efficiency and centralisation of information.
  • Repeatability and auditability of the sourcing process.

and your suppliers...

  • Transparency and openness in sourcing activities.
  • Instant feedback through an interactive process.
  • Easy process with a low sales cost.

What is e-Sourcing

It is where companies bid for business over the internet. For an e-RFQ (Request for Quotation) companies quote for your goods or services. For an e-auction companies can bid against each other in real time.

In a reverse auction sellers compete for a contract to supply goods or services and the price decreases over time.

In a forward auction buyers compete to purchase assets and the price increases over time.

In both cases, e-auctions help to establish the true market price.

These activities can be supported by Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, Invitations to Tender, Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information. With e-Sourcing, you can also run weighted events where non-price related criteria are fed into an overall scoring of participant responses.

How does e-Sourcing work

Decide on what you want to do - obtain information or collate prices?

  • Use a questionnaire to pre-qualify your participants or simply obtain additional information.
  • Decide whether the award is based on price alone or if you wish to weight it to account for other criteria.
  • Obtain prices through a simple RFQ or an auction to find the market price.

The rest is business as usual!

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