Customer success stories

Arqiva logo

Arqiva, the communications infrastructure and media services company, operates at the heart of the broadcast, satellite and mobile communications markets. Arqiva provides much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite and wireless communications in the UK and has a significant presence in Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA.

Arqiva met Market Dojo at a trade show in Spring 2011 and immediately recognised the potential and ease of use of our e-Auction platform.

Arqiva’s purchasing team now use Market Dojo as a key tool within their purchasing strategy and have run numerous auctions.

“I managed to generate a 48% saving in 2 hours so was very happy with the result! I would definitely recommend these guys. I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about them. Excellent service, excellent software and a fantastic experience.”
- Tara Hunt, Category Manager, Arqiva.

NTT logo

NTT is one of the UK’s leading telephone fundraising agencies. They work with charities of all sizes, and have over 20 years of experience in delivering inspiring telephone campaigns.

“We used the Market Dojo solution at the start of the year to help with the re-negotiation of annual service contracts. For us the key reason was to be able to structure and define the terms we wanted from the providers that we requested propositions from. Our plan was to run a reverse auction, but based on only the simple RFQ process we were able to very quickly identify the provider who had the most rounded service provision and best suited our needs. It got better when we worked out that the price submitted was nearly ¾ of last year’s price. A significant saving. The cost of the Market Dojo application was recovered in the first 2 months savings and we are now enjoying a reduced overhead as a result.”

- David Clark, Managing Director, NTT Fundraising.

Metroline logo

Metroline’s principal business is the provision of bus services, serving London, one of the world’s busiest cities. Metroline’s fleet of 1,200 buses carry 250 million passengers each year. Metroline is a wholly owned subsidiary of ComfortDelGro Corporation; the world’s second largest listed land transport company.

We first met Metroline in September 2011. They had identified an opportunity to use e-Procurement to reduce the cost of maintaining their large fleet of buses and were investigating which solution best met this need. After considering a number of alternatives, Market Dojo was selected because, as well as providing an easy to use solution which could be managed by Metroline, it offered clear and transparent pricing.

Metroline ran their first auction in November 2011 and saved enough money to pay for their investment in Market Dojo more than 8 times over. Over the next 6 months, Metroline have gone on to run more than a dozen Auction and RFQ events, allowing them to significantly reduce spending on fleet maintenance costs.

“I can’t speak highly enough of them to be honest. We have used the platform for about six months now and can’t fault it. One of our biggest fears was suppliers not taking to it or finding it difficult to use but we have had no such issues. The results from Auctions have been better than we expected in most cases, it has also become the default option for all our tenders. The support from the people at Dojo is first rate too. I would say give them a call and see if they can meet your needs.”

- Derrick Halsey, Metroline Travel.

Shropshire Council logo

The UK in 2012 is facing unprecedented changes to Local Government – much of it driven by the global financial crisis which is being firmly felt in the public sector.  To adapt, Shropshire Council sought to quickly become more streamlined and cost-effective.

The first step was to develop a web based e-procurement system to increase market competition and reduce resources by tendering on-line rather than the previous resource hungry paper based process.

Shropshire Council’s Integrated Passenger Transport Services team had previously outsourced the running of its e-auctions to a consultancy firm.  Having seen the benefits of this type of procurement and armed with the knowledge of how it works, they were keen to run the events independently.  After visiting our website and studying the comprehensive guides we have freely available, they felt confident in their ability to run a successful auction alone and therefore selected the Market Dojo solution.

Shropshire chose to initially run a series of 5 auctions, which with our licensing terms and on-demand service meant this could be done quickly and at a very low cost.  The auctions were mini-competitions within the existing framework of bus and taxi operators, and ensured that the best value was sought.

“In our first e-procurement event using Market Dojo e-Auction software we saved over 8% on our contract prices, which was a great success, especially considering the current pressure affecting the transport industry. The 12 month licence that Market Dojo offers significantly reduces our costs associated with holding e-Auction events and is comparable to the cost of running a single event with an e-Auction facilitator. The licence also gives us the option to run an e-auction 365 days a year, should we wish. Market Dojo e-auction software has also linked in well with our successful in-house e-procurement system and we look forward to future developments with the company.”

- James Willocks, Shropshire Council.

KTL Logo

Killarney Telecommunications Limited is a leading partner in providing services to all major blue chip companies in the Power & Telecoms industries with clients including BT, O2 and Vodafone amongst many others. KTL’s vision is to become the leading Turnkey Partner for Blue Chip Telecoms, Power & Renewable Companies.

KTL had experience of e-auctions as a supplier and had decided to use this approach with their own procurement. They contacted Market Dojo after carrying out extensive web research into online e-auctioning tools.

KTL had a very tight timeframe in which to conduct their first event. Fortunately, the nature of the Market Dojo platform meant we were able to help.

Within 24 hours the auction event was live in the market and within 48 hours the auction was successfully concluded.

“I would like to say a thank you to Market Dojo for their help in organising this with us. The service is excellent and I have no doubt that it will continue to prosper with your level of customer service as well as the platform itself.”

- Kevin Gallagher, Business Development Executive, KTL.

Jena Tec Logo

Jena Tec is a leading name in the design, manufacture and supply of linear and rotary motion products and services. Jena Tec’s wide experience in the fields of ballscrews, spindles, actuators, linear motion components and asset repair capability gives an unrivalled capability compared to their competitors. High quality, competitive pricing, good delivery and excellent customer service are their aims.

As part of the Avingtrans PLC technology group, Jena Tec operates from 3 world class manufacturing locations in the USA, UK and Germany and exports internationally through sales offices and their distribution network supporting their established and growing customer base.

Jena Tec has been has been using Market Dojo’s e-Sourcing software for the last 5 months and has identified average savings of 38% on their RFQs, of which they conduct up to 5 per day. This has been while using only a limited amount of Market Dojo’s capability, without even requiring the reverse auction feature. Jena Tec has since expanded their spend categories to include standard consumables and subcontracted manufactured project items and hope to run a reverse auction when appropriate.

“The cost per licence is very reasonable and is flexible as well because there is no standard contract term. This makes it a very cost effective e-procurement tool. The feedback from our guys is that it is very easy to use and effective at driving down prices on purchased items.”

- Paul Ward, Managing Director, Jena Tec.

St Mungos Logo

St Mungo’s opens doors for homeless people. Mainly based in London and the South, the charity provides emergency shelter, support towards recovery and help to prevent rough sleeping.

Market Dojo met Shatu from St Mungo’s procurement team at a trade event in March 2011 and were very pleased to have the opportunity to work with this great charity.

Although Shatu already had theoretical knowledge and a general overview of an e-auction, she had never actually run an e-event by herself before.

“I had minimum idea of specific procedures and those vital tiny other things to look out for. Market Dojo made it easy for me to thoroughly understand, grasp and run an auction with expertise and confidence. On my very first auction I achieved an incredible saving of approximately 60%, which was a great success for us as a charity focused on value and effectiveness.”

- Shatu Mbursa-Mshelbwala, Procurement / Purchasing, St Mungos.

Linpac Logo

LINPAC Packaging is an international market leader in the production of primary fresh food packaging and food service solutions. The company has annual revenues of EUR 700 million and 6,200 employees operating across a network of 16 plants and 23 sales operations.

Within the company LINPAC Packaging also have a centralised procurement team, based in the UK, who co-ordinate purchasing activities for the LINPAC Packaging Group.

The team at LINPAC had experience with other e-Procurement providers and platforms before finding Market Dojo. They were attracted to the professionalism and transparent costing which Market Dojo provided. We were also able to demonstrate how easy our solution is to adopt from the buyer and supplier side through our low number of support requests.

LINPAC have now run a number of reverse auctions and Request for Quotations using Market Dojo and this has helped them successfully achieve cost reduction targets. The team at LINPAC have also taken an active role in helping develop the Market Dojo roadmap and have provided valuable feedback on new innovations, such as Japanese Auctions.

“The Market Dojo product gives us the flexibility we need at a very competitive price.”

- Richard Harradine, Senior Purchasing Manager, LINPAC Packaging Ltd.

“We wanted to run e-Sourcing activities with a large numbers of global suppliers to ensure we are getting the market price. We also wanted to manage the process ourselves and Market Dojo has helped us to achieve both these goals.”

- Neil Hendy, Purchasing Category Manager, LINPAC Packaging Ltd.

Optimum-Henderson Logo

Optimum is a procurement outsourcing and consulting company, providing clients with experienced professional practitioners to deliver pragmatic solutions in procurement outsourcing and advisory.

Founded in 2007, Optimum has enjoyed significant year-on-year growth to become a leading procurement service provider with a proven pedigree and track record of success, delivering significant and sustainable commercial value to a growing number of clients across a broad range of industry sectors.

One of Optimum’s many clients was Henderson Global Investors, a leading independent global asset management firm. Henderson is one of Europe’s largest investment managers, with over £64 billion assets under management and employs over 1000 people worldwide.

Optimum partnered with Market Dojo to conduct a highly successful reverse auction for Office Supplies on behalf of Henderson. Optimum managed the e-auction process by providing their skill and expertise, whilst Market Dojo provided their capable e-auction software.

The result was a fantastic success for Henderson, identifying savings of close to 30% from several suppliers including their incumbent.

“Working with Marketdojo was a great experience. Their system is easy and intuitive to use, and the support they provided both in the background, preparing for the event and in delivering the auction itself was strong and welcomed. Overall, we jointly achieved a great result for the client and I was extremely happy to work with MarketDojo on this project.”

- Jon Howell, Head of Advisory Services, Optimum Procurement

Fairnet Logo

Founded in 2006, Fairnet Commercial Services was established to deliver a step change in energy buying; initially focussing on building Energy Buying Groups for organisations so that independent members benefitted from the buying power of all the members – they soon found that their service could deliver for all businesses, small or large, and they sought to develop a network of friendly, customer oriented, local consultants to both refer their service and provide the necessary help many businesses need.

Fairnet have partnered with Market Dojo to create an innovative two stage Reverse Auction, allowing energy suppliers to respond to market competition via qualification bids, followed by a dynamic e-auction to further sharpen rates from the best 2 or 3 suppliers.

For larger supplies, Fairnet can run Reverse Auctions several months in advance of contract renewal dates providing a benchmark target cost and using daily market data they will index prices to give an indication of contractual prices, giving clients the opportunity to exploit market opportunities that arise.

Using Market Dojo’s Reverse Auction software, Fairnet typically saves clients 15% over renewal offers and 2-3% on wholesale prices.

“Market Dojo are a joy to work with. They have a fantastic solution for eSourcing today and some really exciting innovations for the future.”

- Keith Moore, Managing Director, Fairnet Commerical Services

Northgate Logo

Northgate Information Solutions Limited is a market leader in providing specialist software, outsourcing and information technology (IT) services to the human resources, local government, education and public safety markets.

Northgate currently employs over 12,000 employees and operates in 46 countries across 5 continents.

Northgate approached Market Dojo to repeat a pan-European Office Supplies tender that had been auctioned a few years ago.

“The auction was managed very closely, making great use of the document templates and with all the suppliers registered only 30 minutes after they received the invitation.

The auction was very competitive and as a result was automatically extended several times. The result was an identified saving of between 27% and 45% depending on the mix of branded versus alternative products.”

- Paul McGinnes, Procurement Director (Global), Northgate Information Solutions

SPX logo

SPX Service Solutions [now owned by Bosch] is an innovative global supplier of quality products, trusted brands and targeted solutions to a wide range of markets, including automotive, heavy-duty truck, light commercial, agricultural, off-highway, recreational, marine, aftermarket, government and many other market segments. SPX contacted Market Dojo in the Spring of 2012, and after initial discussions decided to use Market Dojo on a trial basis.

We provided SPX with training in April 2012, and within a very short period they were up and running. By the end of Summer 2012 SPX had many suppliers registered with the platform and were managing multiple auctions every week.

They had tried other e-Auction solutions in the past although the key to success this time has been that the Market Dojo platform is easy to use for SPX and the suppliers.

SPX have now extensively used Market Dojo and provided us with some fantastic feedback. Most notably, encouraging us to add the German language to the user interface.

“Market Dojo has quickly become a key tool for our procurement activities. Our business is based on supplying quality products at competitive prices. Market Dojo allows us to do this in a highly efficient and transparent manner.”

- Martin Bredebusch, Buyer SCM, SPX Service Solutions

AB Elekronik Logo

AB Elektronik is firmly established in the quality automotive sector, satisfying the demanding requirements of German and other OEMs, and building strong relationships in that sector.

A strategic division within the TT electronics Group, AB Elektronik is recognised around the world for delivering ‘best in class’ sensor solutions to some of the toughest problems. AB Elektronik has a proud pedigree and an exciting future.

AB Elektronik approached Market Dojo to run a competitive reverse auction for over €5m of plastic injection moulding component supply and tooling, split into 4 defined work packages. The supplier selection was to be based on the total value of cost, service and quality.

The auction was run very successfully by the purchasing team, resulting in several hundred bids and a great saving. The team hopes to run more e-auctions in the future to build on this success.

“The e-auction has been an excellent learning activity for us and we can see it as being a valuable tool to use opportunistically to ensure we maintain a competitive advantage in the market. The support from Market Dojo was excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

- James Knowlden, VP Global Procurement, AB Elekronik

Bedford Logo

Bedford Borough Council, (BBC), decided they wanted to negotiate more effectively on local transport and even though other tools were available, our tool offered a simple pay as you go solution with minimal training.

The Transport team at BBC manage a mainstream school transport contract providing Home to School Transport routes for students unable otherwise to access public transport to educational establishments. This involves a large number of different routes and suppliers.

BBC’s priority was to find a solution that enabled utilisation of the current framework agreements approved operator (supplier) list. The chosen option was to run an e-auction event, the first time this type of procurement exercise would be run by the Borough Council. Market Dojo were chosen to host the in-house event as the solution offered a track record of producing savings from similar home to school e-auction events, a simple user interface and an extremely competitive negotiated rate. In addition, Market Dojo offered to provide as much support and assistance as required for the tender exercise which was considered essential for BBC undertaking a new procurement initiative.

The administrative benefits offered by the software were realised throughout the auction process, in particular at bid submission and award stages where evaluation timescales were greatly reduced.

The RFQ process was very successful and it was swiftly followed up with 3 reverse auctions, covering 15 routes, which they felt would yield further savings. Each of the auctions did deliver. Overall, BBC saved 18% on the total cost and were delighted with the results.

Our experience with the BBC, who were open to look at new tools, was very rewarding and their success and drive helped underpin our philosophy and goals.

“We have been delighted by the simplicity of the platform and the level of support we have received from Market Dojo. We have made savings beyond those that we would expect from running a traditional paper-based RFQ process and finished the tender it in a fraction of the time.”

- Paul Smith, Category Manager, Bedford Borough Council

“One of the biggest advantages for my team was that everything was captured in the system. We were able to very easily review the results as soon as the RFQ had finished. This meant a big time saving for us as we were able to immediately start making decisions and plan our next steps.”

- Joanne Moore, Transport Coordination Manager, Bedford Borough Council

NT Killingley Logo

Established for over thirty five years, N.T. Killingley Ltd offer an award winning commercial landscape and earthworks contracting service in the North Midlands covering all aspects of groundworks and landscaping.

Killingleys can offer sufficient skills and financial capacity to carry out the largest projects. Complex projects are a particular speciality as the Company has a large skilled in-house workforce, covering all the trades found in hard and soft landscape projects, earthworks, sports pitch construction and grounds maintenance work.

Matt was able to use the free edition of our software to fully prepare his event. Uploading documents, supplier lists and creating the auction structure mean that he was able to trial Market Dojo and get his Event ready to go at the same time. After upgrading to a paid licence, all that was left to do was invite participants.

Matt saved over £20,000 on the purchase of his new vans at the cost of just one month’s licence.

“The auction saved us many hours of back-and-forth conversations and was over in 30 minutes with a great result that we would not have achieved by other means.”

- Matt Killingley, Managing Director, N.T. Killingley Ltd

Regina Maria Logo

Regina Maria is the largest private health network in Romania. They conducted an auction with Market Dojo that exceeded 3 million euro. The auction was aimed at establishing acquisition prices of raw materials (especially drugs) over the next 3 years.

The use of the Market Dojo eAuction tool was recommended by TotalSoft, an international management consulting firm that Regina Maria hired in 2012 to improve the company’s performance and reduce operational costs.

By implementing a tool dedicated to conducting negotiations with suppliers, it helped the company streamline the process and maximize the results. It also offered Regina Maria the possibility to ensure a direct and transparent competition for all suppliers.

Aside from the savings obtained, Regina Maria also managed to run the negotiation process in only one hour, while the preparations for entire project had been completed in just two weeks.

“TotalSoft provided us with a demo of the solution, and allowed us to test it to make sure that it met exactly our needs; after only five days we launched invitations for the first auction. For a total value that exceeded 3 million euro, we achieved savings between 10-25%, which is huge when measured against the investment in the software solution.”

- Manuel Cancenski, Acquisition Manager, Technical & Logistics, Regina Maria

Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity Logo

The Morning Star Company is the world’s leading tomato ingredient processor, supplying approximately 40% of the U.S. industrial tomato paste and diced tomato markets.

They operate the Morning Star Scholarship Foundation, a charitable organisation that provides tuition grants to Morning Star colleagues (parents) to help fund their child’s switch from public to private or home school education.

The Foundation was looking for a way to increase the number of scholarships they could offer to parents within the $15,000 funding allowance that was periodically available. They decided to contact us to try a closed-market auction as a solution to this, by letting parents compete in a reverse auction to determine their willingness to secure a grant.

Since the parents who were bidding in the auction were essentially consumers and not e-Procurement professionals, it was essential that the software was extremely easy to use and consumer-friendly.

Absorbing all the feedback from the trials, two live auctions were conducted in late March over a 48 hour duration involving 16 competing parents in total. Each auction represented a pot of $15,000, which, when combined, would be able to provide 10 scholarships.

The result of the auction enabled an additional 4 children, bringing the total to 14 children, to benefit from the generosity of the Morning Star Scholarship Foundation.

“Prior to the auction, we utilized the neat “Sandpit” feature within Market Dojo for colleagues to practice and also held an informational webcast about the Foundation and auction process. This year we will be awarding $28,789 for a total of 14 scholarships. The Morning Star Foundation’s effort in implementing this program was made much easier by the folks at Market Dojo.”

- Mike Sertic, Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity

Ricardo Logo

Ricardo is a global engineering, strategic and environmental consultancy. They were founded by Sir Harry Ricardo in 1915 and still share his vision for maximising efficiency and eliminating waste.

Ricardo have seen reverse auctions as a potential solution to create more value in their organisation. This value is not just related to the savings auctions can bring but also the intangible benefits such as time and process. They chose Market Dojo as the organisation they wanted to work with to move this forward.

Market Dojo’s guides and support helped Ricardo negotiate the path to success by ensuring a detailed grasp of the data, robust document creation and defined supplier liquidity. Coupled with the Pay as you Host option, Market Dojo presented a low cost and low risk solution to get this program off the ground.

“We are very pleased with the support from Market Dojo to move this program forward. The techniques that they have demonstrated for a successful eAuction will bring many benefits in the short and long term. Also their auction platform has made the adoption simple from a buyer and, more importantly, a supplier standpoint.”

-Richard Lintott, MA, MCIPS, IOSH, Supply Chain Manager

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